Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Usually I'm really good at following directions, but the etiquette for attending movie screenings as a member of the "press" always confuses me.  Do I wait in the big ol line (with people who got free screening passes for whatever reason) or do I go in?  I'm on "the list," I should probably just go in. When my invitation says "check in with the PR rep in the lobby" what does that mean, exactly?  Is blogging really considered "press" and if so, what are the philosophical consequences I have to consider before writing?  I only took one journalism class in college.  Yes, I got an A, but an A in one journalism class in college does not a member of the press make.  Are these other people famous?  Will I see a celebrity movie reviewer?  OMG.  Is E! going to be here?  Will there be a red carpet?

Just stop thinking, Carrie.

Here's the thing about sharing - it does have it's perks.  I figure since I've written about my kids online since 2005, the least I can do in return is take them along to movie screenings.  So when the invite to the Monsters University screening popped up in my inbox, it was a no-brainer.

We've loved Monsters Inc in our home for a long time and it would be highly unusual for me to watch it without turning into a puddle of tears at the end.  It's like the Terms of Endearment of kiddie movies as far as the cry factor is concerned.

The boys were busy with baseball and work (yes, the oldest is old enough to WORK - like a real job and everything) but Katie and Lila were more than happy to go along with me.

I promised Lila that unlike the last time she went to a movie screening with her Aunt Carrie, we would not have to sit IN THE FRONT row because now I knew how these things operated...kind of.  And what do you know?  We blazed past the people waiting and found our "press" seats.  And, um, they weren't in the front row.

Monsters University was the ultimate buddy movie - and taking these two little buddies was perfect.  We got the back story on Mike and Sully's friendship and lots of insight into how they became "Top Scarers."  The movie handled the life lessons we all could benefit from learning (doing the right thing, honesty, loyalty, hard work and determination) in such a fun way with adorably lovable scary monsters.

Lila and Katie - RAWR - 2013

I'm sure there were tons of details that I missed, being that I was so caught up in the 3D-ness of the whole thing (and I really don't think it's necessary to see this in 3D unless you're a die hard 3D fan and don't mind wearing those uncomfortable glasses for 2 hours) but I'm fairly confident that this title will end up in our family movie library eventually.  So I'll have plenty of time to notice all of the little things which Disney is so good at inserting here and there in their films.

Lila and Katie - BEACH BABIES - 2006

Mike and Sully, Katie and Lila...it's a no-brainer.

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