Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Delivery Man - Super Special Sneak Peek

Have you ever looked up the definition of FAMILY?

I haven't ever needed to.  Yes, I've been on this planet functioning as a productive member of society without needing to define FAMILY.

To me, family has always meant:  the people that I love.  Yes, we are (most of us) tied together by strands of DNA, but that's not what makes us family and it's definitely not a requirement.  My biological Aunt's husband is no less my Uncle than my biological Uncle - he just happens to have avoided "the family nose," which in today's world, he could have changed if he wanted to.  Come to think of it, neither of my Uncles possess this genetic trait.

My family is small - 1 matriarch (my grandmother), her 3 children and their spouses, 3 children in the next generation (my cousin, myself and my brother) and their spouses (my husband), and 3 children in the current generation (my kids).  And I'll just say this right now, there better not be another generation popping up anytime soon, I'm NOT ready to be a grandmother!

But these people whom I love, love, love aren't the only people I call "family."  They are just the tip of an enormous iceberg. One I'm fortunate to have floating calmly in my ocean, not shrinking but growing and adding to it's bulk with each passing year.

So why all this talk about family?

Vince Vaughn, that's why.

[Bet you didn't see that one coming]

I mean, just look at him.  Who wouldn't want this man in their family?

If you're reading this, you will be one of the first people in the world (the world!) to see the OFFICIAL trailer for the movie DELIVERY MAN, starring (duh) Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt, whom I really don't know (but I DO know his sister Angie) but everyone in our hometown claims some sort of elite connection to him because they can, having gone to the same high school and all.  While I understand the pride that we feel as a community for having fostered the youth of such a funny and talented guy, I'm not claiming any special relationship with him.

Unless I'm trying to impress my kids.  Then I TOTALLY use him.

"Remember that lady I talked to at the grocery store today?" They look at me like, yeah so...

"THAT was Chris Pratt's sister!"

"So you, like, know him?" They implore.

"You could say that."

Notice I said could, completely relinquishing myself of any actual untruth that may be inferred by that statement.


I got a look at the trailer a few days ago and I'm really looking forward to this movie.  The basic premise is that Vince Vaughn plays a guy approaching that age in life where one sometimes ponders their purpose on this earth.  He gets some surprise news that he's fathered 533 children (due to his generous gifts to the fertility clinic) and now he must decide what to do with that information.

This is the part where I roll the trailer (just imagine the curtain going up and the lights going down).

I hope November comes quickly.  You can bet I'll be seeing this one, with my FAMILY.  Which, as I've mentioned above, could be anyone.

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