Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Misbehaved Heathen Children

Everytime I see an ad for that TLC show Nineteen Kids and Counting, I want to cringe. For 2 reasons, really - 1) Seriously? NINETEEN kids and you're still counting? I'm surprised you have any brain cells left that are capable of actually counting, and 2) If a daycare can't have that many children because of the adult-child ratio, than why in the world do you think it's ok?

And yes, the kids seem so polite and well-mannered (or so it seems) but I can't wait until they all grow up and out of the house and then can tell us what it was really like to grow up as one out of a few dozen.

But hey, to each their own.

Although I do take issue with one thing in particular - that being, besides their obvious over-consumption of tater tots - how in the world to they manage the family portrait session?

I mean, I have 3 kids, and taking the yearly Christmas card photograph is challenging for me. Thank goodness for digital photography and the luxury of snapping hundreds of photos to get just one, ONE, where all 3 are facing the same direction and do not have their tongues sticking out. Imagine the amount of shots The Duggars have to take?


Or maybe my children are just really misbehaved.

I don't tell me.

You mean, we have to stand here and all look at the camera, at the same time? (Notice the "teenagers" are having nothing to do w/that?)

Until I mention that the sooner we get this here "cousin photo shoot" over with, the sooner I stop embarrassing them. That seems to have gotten the attention of at least one of them.

(Notice the sticking out tongue of my youngest child)

And then there was this one. And can I just say, what is up with my oldests eyebrows? He looks part Vulcan. Or V - whatever those aliens are called.

Here is what happened when I asked for "silly faces" in order to loosen them up.
(Notice Wyatt, though, in the middle, his face hasn't changed the entire time - typical middle kid for ya right there.)

And finally, there was this one. I don't think I'll press my luck by making them stand there any longer.

Duggars, eat your heart out.


kristi said...

I'm surprised her uterus does not fall out on the floor, seriously!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

NO KIDDING! I have ONE and have trouble!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I needed this today!



Kendra said...

Beautiful kids! But you know, I was recently looking through years of old photos and came across one from our vacation. We were at the Wolf Center, and they have these life-sized metal statues out front. So my husband sat on the back of one and had Ezra (3 at the time) sit on his lap. I have an entire sequence of Ezra trying to wriggle away, actually hanging by his armpits with a "you can't really make me do this, you know" look on his face. At the time, it was infuriating, but now it makes me laugh because it's so typical of him. So keep the bloopers; they make for memories as good as the "good" pictures.

OHmommy said...

I love it! It's so hard to capture a "perfect" shot. But perfect is so overrated, no?

Amanda said...

Oh, I so prefer this sort of "as it happened" approach. Those perfect, overly costumed shots annoy me.

Anonymous said...

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