Thursday, March 25, 2010

Daylight Savings Slump

It's no secret that I'm a night owl.

You can practically hear me "who-whooing" as soon as the sun goes down.

And I realize, that being a night person isn't always conducive to a lot of things, like parenting and getting kids ready in the morning. But I do my best. After all, people like me who are half awake in the mornings are the reason they invented instant oatmeal, right?

But I never thought my nocturnalness would rub off on my kids so strongly.


Poor Katie, she's a night owl too.

And this whole Daylight Savings Time change is not agreeing with her.


Michelle said...

Night owl here too! I have to wonder what people think when I leave comments at 1 am. Doesn't she have a 2 year old to get up with in the morning? Yes, yes I do. And he's happy to let mommy get a cup of coffee (or 12) before we do anything big for the day.

crazymer1 said...

My husband has always been the night owl in the family. But with a recent protracted illness, I am now the one who sleeps in thanks to my meds. It seems strange to be the one left lingering in bed for a change.

Kendra said...

Poor thing! My kids think that the day is up and running by 6 at the latest, and I'd happily linger in bed for another couple of hours. I hope she's settled into the new routine!

Kyla said...

Josh and I are both that way...we had high hopes KayTar would be, but nope. We have two early birds!