Thursday, August 04, 2011

Little by Little

I didn't write much in July, here anyway.

We left for Denmark on the 12th - flying to Amsterdam in just over 9 hours and then caught another flight to Copenhagen where we were greeted with Danish and American flags by my husband's Aunt and Uncle, Jodie and Mogens, our family.

I brought along the most perfect little journal, in which I wrote everyday.

On the plane, July 12th, 2011, 7:36pm Seattle time:

We are on our way to Denmark! While this is a trip of a lifetime, I can't help missing the kids already, especially when Brett gives our extra airplane pretzels to the family in the seats next to us for the youngest of their 2 boys. He's probably 2 years old, maybe 3. I imagine that they are travelling home to Scandinavia, as I do not recognize the language they are speaking.

Other noteworthy passengers include a group of "suave" (I didn't know another word that would sum them up just right) looking men who are sitting in the fancy seats. One of them had jeans so tight I am surprised he could breathe and even though I wasn't gawking (of course not!) I noticed he grabbed himself several times in the terminal! I'm kind of grateful that we're not sitting near them.

Jane Eyre is the in-flight movie and even though I've only written one small page, I can feel my hand cramping up...I better flex my writing muscles more often and stop relying on the keyboard to always get my thoughts out.

It's dinnertime on Delta...chicken or pasta?


8:37pm Seattle time:

I love airplane food. I love the individual boxes. I love the separation of each item. I was never one of those people who freaked out when the peas ran into the mashed potatoes, but for some reason this makes me very happy.

We are somewhere over Canada. There are tons of tiny lakes out the window - or maybe they are large, we ARE pretty high up. I don't see any roads or cities or signs of civilization, although I'm sure there could be some people down there, somewhere. I keep waiting to fly into darkness. We are heading east and probably very north (think, Artic Circle) as well so maybe it will be like summers I spent in darkness. We had room-darkening shades on every bedroom window. Perhaps that's why the flight attendant said/suggested we close the covers on the windows in case people want to sleep...

And here I am with it wide open, staring at a moon and a baron landscape below us. I think I'll shut my window shade.

The family next to us is working on getting their boys to sleep. The mother has the older and the father has the younger. They've taken walks around the cabin and are now snuggling their babies. They are so busy (the parents) and I feel for them as I grab my book and begin to read...

I can't wait to tell my babies about our trip.

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