Friday, July 01, 2011

Extra Fiber

Smoothies are practically a staple around here in the summertime.

Which makes me even happier because that means I don't have to cook.

I should've known the day was going to go sideways when I learned that we didn't have any fresh yogurt and I had to use a tube of frozen Go-Gurt in their smoothie instead. Why do I never recognize the signs the universe tries to hurl at me?

I poured them each a nice big glass of strawberry, peach, blueberry, banana, Go-Gurt and milk and called it good. They slurped them down in no time and finally hit the showers before getting on with that oh so exhausting task of being a kid in the summertime.

As I began cleaning up the mess, I noticed something funny about the wooden spoon I'd used to scrape the smoothie out of the blender with...

You know where this is going now...

There was a large chunk of wood missing from the end of the spoon.

Yes, the end I'd stuck down in the blender to mash everything into the blades so there would be no lumps, because nobody likes a chunky smoothie. Oxymoron?

Oh yes.

But kids need extra fiber in their diets, right?


Anonymous said...

GoGurt Karma.

Just sayin'

That stuff isn't real.

Wood might be healthier!


carrie said...

On the contrary - it was "SIMPLY GoGurt," 100% all natural, no artificial colors or flavors. Different than the blue kind. :)

See? I did do ONE thing right!

Anonymous said...

native wit and a tongue that could give as good as was ever given him.

Kerri Campbell said...

Frozen bananas are also a great substitute for yogurt. Unpeeled, and with 20 minutes in the freezer they will make your smoothy thick, frothy and sweet!

Thank you for blogging--you always manage to make me laugh!