Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day

At the beginning of the school year, we caved and became a 4-cell-phone family.

Now I'm not the type of parent that strapped a cell to my kindergartner's backpack and got her an iPod when she graduated preschool. I've tried to maintain some sort of what my husband and I consider "normalcy" and "unindulgence" when it comes to gadgets, technology and communication devices, hoping that our children would master the art of the SPOKEN WORD and (gasp) maybe even the WRITTEN WORD without a pint-sized keyboard before handing them something they can text with night and day. But there comes a time when life simply becomes more complicated, kids become older, and you realize that yes - the time has come.

And ta-da! You're now the proud owner of a family plan.

I must say, having the boys carry their own (don't tell them I said they were theirs, because I keep telling them that they belong to their Dad and myself, until they are old enough to pay for them with their own hard-earned moula) cell phones has come in handy and although I know that a cell phone is in no way a replacement parent, I do feel more comfortable knowing they have a way to get ahold of us if they need to, 24/7.

They haven't racked up huge texting bills, they haven't lost their phones and amazingly, they haven't become the type of people who have their phone permanently glued to their palm.

But then...

The home phone rang just as school was letting out.

I had to answer it, because it was Wyatt.

Expecting some kind of emergency, a request to be picked up because 4 rain drops were falling from the sky or something like that, I answered.


"Mom?" The rushed voice of my 12 year-old came through the earpiece.

"Yes, what do you need?"

"Mom," he continued so matter-of-factly I thought for sure I'd be hit with the most crucial of information, or at least something more important than what was coming. "IT IS "PI" DAY. Can we please have pie?"

"You called to ask me this?"


"Wyatt, come home."

I can't wait until he calls me from his bedroom to ask for a milk and cookies delivery.


your cousin said...

Now I want some pie...

Happy Being Me said...

Thankfully I still have a few more years before even considering. I hate it when my husband calls and wants to know where the remote is...... Have a wonderful tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Today on the radio ( Dave Ross, KIRO, a young woman RECITED PI as in, the radius of a circle? very quickly.. 3.14...?]and THEN they had a segment where someone had assigned a musical note to each digit, and then they PLAYED IT and it was way cool. Check it out.

So, apple or berry.. it was PI.


alice c said...

Don't ever feel bad about giving them mobile phones. It helps them to become independent but makes it part of their every day life to keep in contact with you. You will feel the benefit as they grow older.

Kyla said...

Pi/pie is very important business!