Monday, February 01, 2010

We Watched The Grammys and We Liked It...

I really dug Katy Perry's dress last night, can't you tell?

In other news, yes, we (as in, my whole fam damily) watched The Grammys last night, together, as a family.

[Too many plays on bad reality television, I know - would you like to stay together, as a couple, in the fantasy suite? Going to get my Bachelor on this evening, for sure.]

Anyway, we heated up our leftovers, made smoothies, and copped a squat around our coffee table to watch the festivities and all that the music world had to offer. Which, if you saw what I did with my little eye, was a lot!

I think that perhaps the best thing about watching anything with the kids, is that they make the funniest comments. And let me tell you, I was prepared! I had something all planned in case there was a wardrobe malfunction and I had prepped for a convo about orientation in case Adam Lambert decided to do his thing and not give a hoot about sticking his tongue down his dancer's throats as the children of the world looked on...

Not that there is anything wrong with doing that, but let's keep it off stage, maybe in the bedroom or at least at parties where there are not a bunch of middle schoolers looking on - they have it bad enough already what with the hormones and the acne and the really bad skinny jeans, okay? Okay.

We were surprised with some knock out performances, and we were disappointed with others - Stevie Nicks, how could you? And if you are my friend on facebook, you got an earful. And for that, I apologize, but what is better than watching a live event with all the people you love in real life and virtually? Nothing, I say. Nothing. It only enhances the experience...

Now where have I heard that before?

Anyway, the kids loved the music and the performers and they even got up to dance a little - just to entertain us, which was really quite hilarious.

But the funniest comment came from Wyatt who, when he saw his brother's spiked hair for the occasion said, "Dude, you look like a bully from the eighties."

My god, where does he come up with that stuff?


Kyla said...

Hahaha! How does he know what bullies looked like in the 80's anyway?

Kendra said...

"A bully from the 80s"! I love it. Maybe he's been watching my kids' latest obsession, "Goonies," with them!