Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So, The Toothfairy Walks Into a Bar...

Katie has had a wiggly tooth since August.

That's FOUR months people!

Quite a long wait for a six year old.

She began telling me about her wiggly tooth one afternoon, following a marathon session of jumping off her grandparent's dock, swimming in the lake, and running through sprinklers. After many, many Popsicles and even more glasses of guava juice. So I was a bit skeptical, when she proclaimed loud enough for the hard of hearing elderly person 2 blocks over to hear, "I have a wiggly tooth!"

Sure you do, I thought.

"Really?" I said. "Let me take a look at that thing."

She grabbed my hand in her fist and directed me to the exact location - bottom right - of said wiggly tooth. By George, it was a little, shall we say...wobbly. It wasn't outright movable, but there was definitely some give in the gum tissue surrounding this teeny, tiny, baby tooth that had not been there before. And she was so incredibly proud and excited that finally, after watching her classmates and brothers loose teeth left and right, that finally it was her turn.

She wiggled that tooth every day.

And she's still wiggling that tooth, on December 22nd.

Discouraged and feeling sad, she lamented over her tooth the other day to her big brother, who has seen his fair share of tooth fairy action under his pillow as of late.

"Why won't it come out?" She asked him.

"Well, it'll come out when it's ready." He answered (in a tone vaguely familiar to my own when discussing such matters as important as tooth loss).

A little bit later in the day, they both excitedly showed me this note:

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Hi! I know I don't have a tooth right now but one is really wiggly! This is my first time, so that could be really cool if you could bring me something.

Katie (insert smiley face here)

With her note in hand, she marched up to her room and placed it under her pillow.

So maybe she doubts the existence of Santa Claus, but clearly The Toothfairy is still very, very real. And very, very much missed around these parts.

I just hope when the big day comes, I don't forget to do my job.

*Of course, the only reason I have this note in my possession is because The Toothfairy and I have a deal. I am allowed to view all things my kids leave for him/her under their pillows as long as I don't "out" The Toothfairy. I don't know if it's a boy or a girl, so don't even ask.

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We have some REALLY old taffy here..