Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Harried Mom's Plea to Santa

Dear Santa,

As I reflect on the past year, I know there are some things I could have improved upon. Take feeding my kids breakfast for dinner too often...I know, I'm guilty. I also mistakenly let my 12 year old ride in the front seat of my car. In my defense, I thought he was old enough and it wasn't until sitting in Katie's classroom one afternoon hearing the guest Police Officer say to the class,"You can't ride in the front seat until you are 13 years old," and having Katie blurt out, "My brother rides in the front seat and he's only 12!" that I finally got the memo on that one.

So, I apologize for that.

I'm also sorry that I am not always 100% listening when my kids talk. I know. You aren't surprised are you? What with my other failings at parenthood and such. It's just that it's so hard to listen to every single word every single minute of every single day, and sometimes when certain little and medium-sized people around here launch into extended explanations about Star Wars Legos...I let my mind wander to places containing large amounts of swaying palm trees and pina coladas.

Yup. Guilty as charged.

But - I do make a mean peanut butter ball and I'm hoping that you'll overlook the year's parenting mistakes once you take a bite into one.

I have just one thing I want to ask you for though, Santa, if you're listening. I know - you're probably busy amassing your group of reindeer and making sure the sleigh is in working order. Like the rest of us on this day before Christmas, you have tons of things to do to get ready and that's why I'm asking that you take just one little minute to listen to me.

You can do that right, because you're Santa and all?

Please make my kids get along today and go to bed on time.

Simple, right? You'd think so. But ever since Thanksgiving. No...scratch that - ever since Halloween, they've been a little off. You see, the holidays (yes, I consider Halloween a holiday as it involves dressing up, visiting family, and the consumption of too much sugar - my only requirements to make a day a holiday) bring with them an upheaval in our normal routine. Not that I was the most regimented routine follower prior to Halloween, but I tried. I tried to get my kids to bed on time, make sure they brush their teeth at least twice a day, and not overstimulate them with too many things day after day after day.

Seems I have failed in this department too.

And so now, I find myself buried under ribbon, wrapping paper, and scotch tape with absolutely no energy left to redirect my kids to a fun activity to keep their minds and bodies busy while I finish everything up that needs to be done! And of course, my husband is working at the firestation...lucky him. Good thing there is a Star Wars marathon on cable TV, but I know that will only last for a little while.

So Santa, can you sprinkle a little "no whining" and "no complaining" and just for good measure, a little "be nice to your sibling" down upon my rooftop for my children? I'd be eternally grateful. And in return, I might leave you a little something more than a plate of cookies and a glass of milk in front of the fireplace tonight...

You like Coors Light, right?

Thanks Santa,


jennyonthespot said...

Girl, I pray this works... cuz if he listens to you, he will give grace to me too?

:) Merry Cjristmas and may you become unburied in a peaceful home tonight... wine may help with that :)

Grim Reality Girl said...

Merry Christmas! May you be granted well deserved grace!

Kyla said...

Hope it was a great one, Carrie!

Anonymous said...

It worked!

Lovely all day, those three.


Scout's Honor said...

13?? 13??? Are you sure he didn't mis-speak.

Otherwise our entire swimming carpool is screwed.

I thought the law was 12 and that is what I am sticking too if I get pulled over which is doubtful because my 13 year old is adult sized and wore my husband's snow boots this week-end because his old ones from last year were 3.5 sizes too small...and they fit! Gah!

Hope Santa gave you all that you needed and most of what you wanted :) especially if what you wanted secretly in the very back of your mind was say stapling the kids to the floor with duct tape on their mouths so I.. err you... didn't have to hear them whine about fairness and Wii controllers. :)

Happy holidays,