Sunday, October 11, 2009


To the man driving behind me down the highway today,

I am sorry for the numerous "rock on" signs coming from the 3rd row of my vehicle today. My daughter and her cousin mysteriously know that when they hear certain songs on the radio...

[Judas Priest, for example]

that it is appropriate to break out into "rock on" hand signals.

I would like to believe that I was the one responsible for this knowledge they posses at the tender ages of 5 and 6, but no. No, I blame the MTV.

I swear they weren't doing this during the previous song (which was a nice, mellow little diddy by Coldplay), oh no. It is like their inner rock-n-roll divas sprang forth upon that first hard guitar strum and they knew, instinctively, just what to do.

Again, I blame the MTV.

So I am sorry. Please accept my apology if they were in any way distracting to your driving. They were just practicing their head banging and I can assure you that no, they were not also holding up cigarette lighters nor were they sticking out their tongues (at least I hope not).

They did think your car was really cool though, as you breezed past us. They have both added "Dodge Charger" to the top of their "Cars that are Cool" list. Did you know that little girls keep lists like these? Neither did I. This phenomenon must come from having older brothers...or really cool moms.

Even though they don't know the difference between a Charger and a Mustang, they know the difference between Coldplay and Judas Priest.

I must be doing something right.

I blame the MTV.

The Mom in the SUV with the head banging chicks in the back


jennyonthespot said...

I TOTALLY would have flashed gang signs back at them. :)

Woman with kids said...

Lol! Boy 1 was does that too, from the front seat. We get lots of funny looks, because he's usually flashing rock on to another soccer mom...

Kendra said...

That must have been a hoot to watch! My oldest, when he was a baby, used to rock out to the Who in the car. That must have been quite a sight, to see a little 18-month-old bouncing and squirming to that music!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Ha ha!

I am very proud of Declan's preference for Weezer.

Michelle said...

I am guessing that they probably made a lot of people's day!

Rock on girls!

Anonymous said...

Nope, Im pretty sure she picked it up from her totally awesome dad while she was riding in the Bronco!


kyslp said...

It could have been worse - They could have flipped the bird. (Or the redneck salute as we call it.)

kristi said...

Me and the kids ALWAYS rock out!