Friday, January 16, 2009

Epic Fail

Dear Son,

I know you think I overreacted when I picked you up from school today. And that's fine, I'm OK with that because it's part of the job description I promised to keep when I signed up for this parenting gig.

Someday you will understand.

I know that no matter how many times I try to tell you that everything I do, every choice I make, and every move I make is all in your best interest - that you just don't get it.

Someday you will, when you are a father.

Part of being a parent is protecting your children. I am sorry if you think I crossed the line and maybe I did, just a little, but when I see you being treated poorly, I have little restraint. I know that I should have said what I did a little quieter, but I really hope those "friends" who did hear me will think twice about treating you the way they were. And if they don't understand, or think I'm crazy, well then...

Someday they will, when they have kids of their own.

It is my number one priority to make you life as great as I can. I know that it is not always easy and there are still lessons to learn on both our parts, but you have my word that I am committed. Thank you for listening to me and talking to me about everything. I hope you always feel comfortable enough to share with me the good and bad parts about each and every day. I will always be here for you.

There are so many wonderful, awesome things about you that it is hard to list them all. Many times I find myself in awe of what a spectacular human being you've become, completely amazed that you are a part of me. For this, I am deeply honored.

Because it's a privilege to be your Mom.

So, I'm going to promise you this, that I will try my hardest to hold my tongue and not embarrass you in front of your "friends." I cannot promise that I won't give them the stink eye though, if I see them pull what they did today. And for that I am sorry.

It is the fault of the raging mother bear inside of me that I fear will never recede, not even when I'm ninety (should I be lucky enough to live that long) and I'm chasing off thugs, waving my cane in the air and shouting, "Don't touch my baby!"

But until then, let's try to work together.

I'll try to give you the tools you need to navigate through life and the difficult situations, as well as the happy ones, that come up. And you try to understand that everything I do and every decision I make revolves around being a Mom.

It's my job.

Your Mother (who said, very loudly, "This backpack grabbing stuff has got to end!" when she picked you up from school today)


Valarie Lea said...

One day they will understand, until then sometimes we have to embarrass them to love them. :)

OneWritingMomma said...

I've had to do that a few times with my son and the kids around our house. At some point they realize that true friends don't act like little punks.

flutter said...

he is lucky to have a mom who cares, like you do.

Sheila @ Dr said...

Thanks you for your kind words at my blog!

And I did this too recently to someone who was treating my daughter rudely! Kids think its okay. It's not!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is definitely an area where you want to tread lightly--while the instinct is right you really don't want to make it worse.

It's much easier to be the Mama Bear when the kids are in elementary school.

Nadine said...

Awww, what a beautiful post. And you're right: he will understand when he's a father.

Blossom said...

Way to go mum!!!!!!!

its hard being parent are doing a GREAT job.

Kyla said...

That's not quite as embarrassing as I was thinking...but when you are that age EVERYTHING is embarrassing. LOL.

You're doing good, Mom.

Becky said...

perfectly said. so many things i hated that my mom did i look back now and appreciate her for it.