Monday, January 05, 2009


No, no, no, I thought - okay, you had me, I screamed outloud, loud enough so that all the neighbors on every single cul-de-sac speckling this hill upon which we live could hear.

The snow was falling again.

On the night before the children, all three of them, would be returning to school after an extended winter vacation comprised not only of their original 2 weeks off, but also of a week made up entirely of a few late starts and then a few days of outright cancellations, all due to snow, it was snowing.


My love affair with the fluffy white that falls from the sky had ended. In fact, it had come to a screeching halt. It was as if that darn snow was standing outside my bedroom window a la John Cusak in Say Anything (but not as cute) holding a boom box, serenading me to love it again.




I made a decision. It would be what it would be. If we all had to endure yet another day of being cooped up and freezing cold, than so be it. I'd put on my party hat and make it work.

Instead of staying up all night, checking the school closure reports and peeking out under the streetlight, I went to bed. And I slept. When morning rolled around, just as my wise sister-in-law had promised (thank goodness someone in our family watches the 5 o'clock news), the snow had turned to rain. I never thought I'd be so happy to see rain in all my life.

I pulled on my pyjama bottoms and made a few lunches. I drove my middle schooler to school and prepared for round two of getting-three-kids-to-three-different-schools routine. When it was all said and done, and my husband was off running errands (oh, the life of a firefighter), I finally had time to shower. Alone. No 5-year-old in there with me. Alone.

I spent way too much time in the shower. Just standing there.

I washed my hair twice!

I know, can you even imagine?

I stood in that shower until the hot water started to run out. Conserving water was the furthest thing from my suddenly clear mind.

*Note to Self: make up for my water usage by remembering to take some of the many re-usable bags currently holding the laundry room shelf in place to the grocery store next time.

So there I was, draining the last of the water from our hot water tank, not a care in the world, children gone, husband gone, snow gone. Yes, this is the life, I thought as I squeezed the water from my hair, pulled back the curtain and reached for a towel.

And there he was, staring at me, eyeing me, a forlorn look on his face.

The dog.

Sometimes I forget that I actually have FOUR children instead of just three.

You can't win them all.


Dan said...

Just remember that you'll look back with fondness to those "I can't get away" times once they are all grown. You might even miss it for a minute or two. I do from time to time.

Valarie Lea said...

Oh to take a shower with no one in the house. To be able to take your time no rush. ~sigh~

CK said...

haha...this was a great post! I remember those times. But now it's the daddy that gets to do most of this because I work out of town. He takes care of all mommy duties now...which he's doing a great job...but sometimes i miss it.

CK said...
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Joleine said...

I felt the same way when I saw the stupid snow coming down, AGAIN. And I don't even have kids.. I can only imagine the horror that people felt who've been stuck at home for weeks with their children :)

I'm ready for spring.. and I'm sure by August I'll be ready for Winter..

monstergirlee said...

My sister and her husband drove down from Seattle for dinner last night. As they were leaving, I opened the door and wept, Snow. Sticking to the ground. nooooo!!!!!

So I gave sister and hubby my car chains in case they needed them, and waved bub-bye. Then went inside, sat on the couch and wept. She sent me an email after she got home, about all the people in the ditches on I-5, and the accidents. DAMMIT.

This morning the 5:30 AM phone call never came and YAY! With the rain and warm weather, all is Well.
I think most of the Puget Sound felt this way.

monstergirlee said...

btw - I love you blog, and wanted to tell you - I nominated you for Best Kept Secret for the 2009 Bloggies.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My dogs had a WTF? look on their faces at 6:45 this morning--they've gotten used to sleeping in until 10 when the first of use wakes up.

I'm glad you didn't get sandbagged by another snow day.

LindaJ said...

You lucky ducky...We had a 2 hour late start this morning...I got my go old 5 am call from the SD..Yeah me!
And I had to share the shower...You are my hero

Mrs. G. said...

At least you have your sense of humor!

Gabrielle said...

I completely AGREE! I grew up in Alaska, I prefer the snow stay in the north! :)

The Coffee Lady said...

My kids have had no snow this summer. Please send some over in a box.

Ashley said...

Great post! You had me going for a second, cause you know, everyone loves a bit of drama.

Kim said...

I get to take a shower without rushing about once a month.. and that once a month is heavenly!!!! No one peaking their tiny heads in.. or leaving the door open for me to freeze.. lucky girl you.

wyliekat said...

I got to enjoy one or two days like that over the holidays.

BLISSSSSS. Even with two of our three cats stalking me wherever I went.

Kyla said...

I, too, am SO glad life is getting back to normal around here!

Becc said...

Ahhh.... The joys of routine. It may feel like we are all constantly on the go, but I love everyone to have their place. I don't want them to be able to have a snow day and I can't!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I love the days I am able to say - Oh it's good to be me. This day sounds like it was your turn. Peace and quite, a treasured momment to far and in between. Hope you enjoyed your "Me" time.

Kellan said...

I loved this post, Carrie - it was the perfect post!! Glad you got your alone time!

SEe you soon - Kellan

Momisodes said...

Oh how I can relate to this post....down to every last drop of hot water. I am SO over the white stuff outside. I wish we lived closer. We could take turns sitting each others dog/kids :)

Ali said...

I sent you an award (check out alidotes).
And I DO NOT expect you to follow the award rules. I just wanted to let you know that I think you're great - no strings attached!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

So um I guess you won't be moving to New England anytime soon? *lol*

Usually I can stomach winter, but this year it's just getting to be too much. As I type this we're getting pounded with yet another ice storm.

Thank gosh I love summer and autumn here in New England so much otherwise I'd seriously consider moving back to Seattle. *lol*

Oh and yeah...the dog thing. I relish my days alone when Imp is at Montessori. And then the beast from the east reminds me that I'm never truly alone. *sigh*

Every Day Goddess said...

I have never been so happy to see the dreary Seattle rain! I have promised not to complain at all this winter about rain if the snow stays away!!!