Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Appliance Therapy

The jig is up.

You guessed it. If you come here to listen to me complain about laundry, I'm sorry.

Let me back up. I will still be complaining about laundry, because I know no domestic engineer who never complains about laundry. If you know one, send her my way, I'd love to learn her secret!

Rather, I will not be complaining about my washing machine . . . ever again.

Oh yes, the days of wrestling the mighty beast back to it's rightful position during either of the 2 spin cycles are gone. The days of running up and down the stairs to stop it from unplugging itself from the wall are gone. The days of worrying that if I dared to put a load of laundry in before leaving the house I'd come home to a 4-alarm fire are gone.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

Yes, I know, I went on and on and on about my love of all things Electrolux (and pssst! Electrolux, if you're listening I have an oven that could use some help) but an awesome Black Friday deal got in the way of that little obsession and I have found a new love, my brand new Whirlpool Duet front loading washer and dryer!

I never thought appliances could change my life (I also said that about those remote control car lock openers when they first came out) but they have. In a big way.

Life is more pleasant, more peaceful around our house. My husband and I joke each time I do some laundry (and oh boy! you can stuff sooooo much laundry into one of these things and it amazingly gets everything clean) that, "Oh, are you doing laundry? Because I can't hear anything!" And then we laugh our heads off.

I know, we need help.

Or perhaps? More appliance therapy.

My new babies, aren't they gorgeous?

Here they are in black and white, with a kid sitting in front of them.

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Carrie said...

oooh, pretty!

Ali said...

We have the same washer (haven't splurged for the dryer, YET). We LOVE it. Sometimes baby socks get stuck in the rim of the washer door and get all yucky, but other than that, it is a heavenly machine.

LindaJ said...

It's like p*rn for us domestic engineers. They are lovely!

jen said...

ah yes. i was fondling them recently at a store when j reminded me i might have to wash clothes in a river, never mind some broken crappy washer.

i might cry right now.

kirida said...

We have the same washer/dryer combo and we are madly in love. I had to remind my husband to keep the washer door open after each cycle so mold doesn't grow. We are appliance twins now!

Liz said...

Ok...question about these--

does the washer door lock when it's running? If not, what keeps it from getting opened by a small person walking by & sloshing a soapy river into the floor??

I'm curious about what your friend said (above) about leaving the door open to keep mold from growing. ??

monstergirlee said...

I never thought I'd see the day when appliances made me excited. But they do. A small thing like a hand mixer, or a new washer - ahhhh....
Someday I'll get a handle on laundry. I got all 5 loads done this past weekend, but none of it is folded. I will iron tonight tho. ha.

Rachel said...

We have the Duets, too. Other than the baby sock problem that Ali mentioned, I love them, too.

Liz, the door does lock during the cycle, and the seal is airtight, thus the need to leave it open between cycles.

You'd think having this combo would inspire me to keep up with laundry, but it's my downfall. Recently, my husband became so exasperated with me, he got the laundry completely caught up and has been maintaining it ever since! Good thing, he loves the duets, too! :D

Supermom said...


Our washer died about 2 years ago and hubby bought me a new bosch washer and dryer.

I love that I can cram about 2 loads into the washer and have much less drying time!!!!!

WOOHOOOOOOOO to laundry!

Every Day Goddess said...

I have appliance ENVY!!! I am very very jealous! I still have to use delicate cycle only on my washer, but come income tax time watch out it is on the top of my list!

wyliekat said...

Am jealous. Very jealous. Not because of the washer and dryer. I have new, because I had to buy new when I moved into my house last year (though with my new old house, nothing that pretty and wide would fit down the stairs). I'm jealous because I desperately need some appliance therapy. My dishwasher leaks (and sometimes doesn't bother using the soap), my oven runs 50-80 degrees hot and regularly burns any baking I try and my gas cooktop (which I adore) won't let me use the front large element.


John Wahl said...

Nice, we have the same set at Guemes Island and they can also stack with a kit and do that laundry up oh so nice!!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I might change my keen distaste for laundry to mild annoyance if I had me some of those babies.

Christy said...

Sooooooooo shiny and beautiful! It's sad what gets us going these days. isn't it?!

Kimmylyn said...

I loooovvveee new toys !! Very very nice!!!

alice c said...

One woman's appliance therapy = another woman's appliance envy.

I'm just saying.