Sunday, August 03, 2008

Terror on the Aisle of Barbie

We found ourselves at Target (Oh! How unexpected!) looking for a very special birthday gift for a very special little girl who is about to turn five.

There we stood, amidst the pink and the glitter and the glam that now surrounds the former queen of the make-believe plastic doll world when three women came around the corner. One was obviously the mother, a nice enough looking woman dressed all in black with a gorgeous head of silver hair. She leaned gracefully on the shopping cart as her reading glasses dangled from a delicate chain around her neck.

She was accompanied by her daughters, who (and I am just guessing here) were around 40-45 years-old. They, um, were not as classy as the mom - but not obviously trashy, just (I'll keep it simple) not as classy.

I take that back, the younger of the two had on a pair of Chuck Taylors with glittery splatter paint all over them, sequined jeans and a top so tight I could have given her a visual breast exam.

As Katie and I checked out the selection of Barbie Mariposas, the daughters were oohing and aahing on the opposite side of the pink aisle.

"Just look at these dolls mom! Aren't they cuuuuuute?"

"Oh yeah, I've heard how Mattel and Barbie are in big trouble because of these dolls, and look - they are so much better than stupid 'ol Barbie."

"Yeah, look at this one," said the older of the daughters holding up another Bratz box, "she is, like, such a rock star!"

"Oh my god, totally, and look - her legs come off!"

'Cause we all know that rock stars really dig the girls with removable legs - for easier access, I think to myself.

"Yeah, Mattel is going to have to do something to make Barbie better, because these are totally what all the girls want."


Really? Is a whored out coke addict looking doll really what all the girls want? I look down at my daughter. She is fascinated by a box of pint-sized birthday party girl Barbies, oblivious to their comments and my increased eye rolling in their direction. She stands there in the aisle of Barbie wearing her soccer cleats and soccer shorts because she is just so excited for her first soccer season to start.

We have until September 6th.

Even though when we first entered this particular aisle, she looked over at the Bratz dolls and said "ick," I wondered about their comments, even considering the sources. I wondered if they even thought about what they were saying, that looking across the aisle and seeing a Barbie scuba diving was really such a bad thing?

I looked down at my girl again, smoothed a protective hand over her blonde hair and wished with all my might that women like that didn't exist.

I'll probably go to hell for that, but she's worth it.


LindaJ said...

WTF? I guess it brings them closer to thinking they are rock stars if a doll looks just like them.

At least Barbie has a job (well, lots of them) I don't see Bratz dolls with a job.

If you go to Hell, I'm sure I will be right there with you....I like the heat!

Anonymous said...

Uggggg Bratz just give me the creeps. They must've been dreamt up by a man...

Ann(ie) said...

*sigh* How cute is your girl. I love that she's wearing her soccer gear already. She's so adorable!

Christina_the_wench said...

Some parents... *shaking my head*
And when her daughters turn out to be hos, she'll wonder where she went wrong.

Christy said...

Yeah, I can't even believe what the can sell under the guise of the word "toy" these days....and those women thinking Bratz dolls are all that? Their heads are too big for their stick figure bodies, their lips look like they OD'd on silicone, and they have more make-up painted on their faces than I've worn in my entire life!

And to think I used to question the merits of allowing my kids to have Barbies--she's like Mother Theresa compared to Bratz dolls!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Thank goodness my daughters were never into those dolls--what are people thinking?

Carol said...

My friemds 6 year old has been bullied at school for not being into Bratz. Makes me so mad. She's happy to just play Barbie but that's apparently too childish for 6 year olds these days.

Makes me grateful to just have boys!

Love that she's wearing her football gear already.

AGSoccerMom said...

My daughter like those bratz dolls for about 5 mintutes. That's how long it takes to loose a leg. Then they are worthless. Atleast Barbie's were still together even if they were nekkid.

Chelle said...

Ew. I told my husband my daughter, under no circumstances, would ever have a Bratz doll in this house. Sorry, not happening. They are gross and so not for little girls!
I agree with you 100% w/everything you said.

Mrs. Tantrum said...

Bacon called those dolls prostitutes. Swear to you. He said prostitute. Never mind he still says 'mook' for milk, he yelled in the Barbie aisle that his girlfriend was not having a PROSTITUTE doll.

I love that child. Maybe your girl is looking for a younger man? He likes baseball and thinks Barbie is a nice girl.

If we are in laws in hell at least we can keep an eye on them together!

Aleka's World said...

Yeah, if I had a little girl, she would NOT get a Bratz doll. They are totally like Porn Star Barbie!

Mamasphere said...

Who'd have ever thought we'd be thinking Barbie was the low-key alternative?

No Bratz in my house, ever.

musing said...

I've been out of the toy scene for a while, so I had to google Bratz dolls to see what they looked like. O.O

OHmommy said...

Ummm... we love Target and frequent the toy section. My Lola loves to re-produce the Bratz lip pucker. It is hysterical. I never realized that the dolls have puckered lips until Lola. She says ICK too.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Ah Ha! So that's who they are marketing the Bratz dolls to - 45 year old women wearing dirty Chuck T's.

I've been trying to figure it out because what little girl in their right mind would want one?

Whenever we are in the toy aisle, I tell my daughter upfront that we don't like those dolls and she doesn't seem to have a problem with it when we head in the other direction.

Every Day Goddess said...

I agree with you about Bratz! My daughter has never liked them, they just look weird!! So glad to have avoided that scene!!

Sandy C. said...

I am not a fan of the Bratz dolls either. I really, really hope she doesn't like them later.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I try to keep a close watch on what dolls The Princess brings into the house. However...I made the mistake (or rather Santa did) of getting her a "Big Bratz Baby" a few Christmases ago. I bought some clothes to go with it. I never thought I would have to censor BABY clothes....but, sure enough, the outfit was a HALF shirt and a skirt that did not even cover the baby's behind!

She ended up not playing with the doll because I immediately confiscated the outfit! ("I bet Santa had NO idea the clothes looked like that!")


Kathy Slattengren said...

I love your description of the scene at Target! I guess I was lucky that my daughter never liked dolls (I didn't either so maybe it's genetic!).

Those sexy little dolls do impact all our daughters though whether we like it or not. I thought the book "The Lolita Effect" by M. Durham did a good job of documenting some of the issues.

Kristin said...

Please, it's bad enough my child has Bratz like fashion sense and a Bratz like body (probably won't have big boobs though and can I get an AMEN for that blessing?!)... I can barely bring myself to buy the standard blonde Barbie.. I am the mom who purchases the "Exotic" and "International" Barbies... or, the ones on sale because no one snatches them up they way they do the orginal... now, excuse me, I have to go and braid some Aztec Princess hair.

Lady said...

At least Barbie(s) have had lots of jobs and tried everything. What can the Bratz dollz say to that? "Uh, we, like, make clothes and, um, sing!"

I remember when I was a kid and I saw a pregnant Barbie. She was so pretty, even though I hate dolls as a whole. Her tummy opened up if you unfastened her shirt and there were two little babies inside.! People threw a fit because she was knocked up, but I remember her having a ring on her left hand!

Becky said...

bratz are WHORE DOLLS. hannah likes the bratz kids and i'll let her get those OCCASIONALLY although it was through dire protest from me for years. but the reg bratz dolls? not allowed in my house.

Kyla said...

I've never met these women...these parents who think Bratz are acceptable...but they must be out there or else they'd be out of business by now.

Scout's Honor said...

I can't tell you how much I hate the SLutz and Ho-ez line...err...I mean Bratz.

Give me a Barbie or Disney princess or American Girl anyday.

I always wonder who buys those. Never gotten or received one or even seen one at a birhtday party.

The only one that ever got into our house came in a McDonald's Happy meal as a miniature version.

That ho when in the trash where she belonged.

Scout's Honor said...

I can't tell you how much I hate the SLutz and Ho-ez line...err...I mean Bratz.

Give me a Barbie or Disney princess or American Girl anyday.

I always wonder who buys those. Never gotten or received one or even seen one at a birthday party.

The only one that ever got into our house came in a McDonald's Happy meal as a miniature version.

That ho when in the trash where she belonged.

By the way, weird this comment didn't show up the first time. Is that IP whatever software you are using hate Bratz too?