Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh Happy Day

Usually, I don't share with you the trivial ins and outs of my boring, suburban mom of three kids and one dog, wife of fireman, daughter of still married parents and lover of all things reality TV days.

Point is, my days really are that. Boring.

Boring in a good way, not in a bad way.

The fact that my biggest complaints revolve around my appliances and their utter INABILITY to spin a load of clothes properly should point to the fact that really, my complaints are small. And for that, I am thankful.

And sometimes, funny things happen, like yesterday - in which I laugh myself to sleep because really, it should be illegal to laugh so much in any one given day.

At the grocery store, after bumping into my 4th-grade teacher (we live in a small town, think John Cougar Mellencamp's Little Pink Houses, 'cept not in the South):

Teacher: Well, there's that little 4th-grader!

(I am flattered that I will always remain a 10-year-old in his eyes, no matter how old I truly am. This, in fact, almost makes up for the fact that I was not carded at the liquor store while purchasing 4 bottles of booze. I thought it was because I had my kids with me.)

Me: Hi Mr. Jones!

Teacher: Quick! What's nine times nine?

Me: Eighteen!

Puzzled look on teacher's face.

Me: Oh, I am just trying to keep you on your toes!

Trying to hide the fact that I incorrectly answered the math question. Thus, proving to myself and everyone around me that I, indeed, am dumber than a 4th-grader.

Me: It's eighty-one.

Still trying to cover up the blunder.

Teacher: Well, you're a quick one, aren't ya? Just like your mother.

My mother will be so proud of me.

After returning home from a 'waxing' appointment, Katie takes my face in her hands and examines my eyebrows (she will NOT be allowed to examine the job done elsewhere, nor will she even know that I . . . . never mind. I'll take bikini wax and raise you one.).

Me: How do my eyebrows look?

Katie: Good.

Me: Thank you.

Katie: Did they take off your old eyebrows and put new ones on mommy?

At Costco, getting supplies. I see an older gentleman with a glimmer in his eye coming up behind my husband as he wolfs down his hot dog (I have no idea if it is a Highbrow National or not, so don't ask).

Old Man: You look like a horse man, what kind of a horse is this here?

He holds a shiny, new quarter out for my husband to look at.

Brett: I don't know, maybe a mustang? Or a stallion of some kind?

Old Man: You sure?

Brett: Yup.

Old Man: It's a QUARTER HORSE!

He takes back his quarter and walks away, laughing like a hyena.


Tabba said...

it all sounds full and wonderful, Carrie.
it's nice to have these moments. it's the bread and butter.

LindaJ said...

Quarter horse, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I get it!

old people are so funny I love it!

Carrie said...

are you SURE you weren't at a Costco in Jersey? cause that sounds JUST like my dad.....

OHmommy said...

I am off for a brow wax too.... my kids always have a million questions afterwards.

Anonymous said...

knock knock............

We spent Monday evening telling those with your family, while you were still working...
Perfect end to the day!


zellmer said...

I never get carded, even without my kids. :(

Becky said...

lol that was a cute story. and boring is good. boring means nothing BAD is happening!

Christy said...

Boring can be a blessing! Especially in the summer--you can just 'kick it.'

Diane said...

I'm giving you bonus points for actually getting the math question right at all. When I'm put on the spot like that, I would have totally changed the subject. Now way would I have gotten it at all.

You did indeed have a funny day!

Chelle said...

Too funny! Your life doesn't seem boring at all :) I liked the waxing one...hilarious!

Happy POW!

Marcea said...

Too funny!!

Valarie said...

Oh thats a good joke! I am gonna have to tell my brother-in-law that one. He is all the time telling us jokes like this.

Carol said...

Just goes to show even a boring day is never ordinary.

very funny!

The math blunder cracked me up.

slouching mom said...

god, this is so like my life.

and it's ok, to have these small moments, it really is.

more than ok.

LaskiGal said...

Old men and their humor . . . they kill me.

And me, personally, I'm all over "boring in a good way."

BK said...

Just happened to see your blog post while I was surfing around. How could your life be boring when you have Katie asking you such an innocent question like, "Did they take off your old eyebrows and put new ones on mommy?" It reminds me of my mother. She just 'took off her old eyebrows' and put on new ones.

That quick reflex to the question by the Math teacher, I thought it is pretty impressive.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I like boring.....and The Princess has seen me getting my eyebrows waxed...and SWEARS she will NEVER have it done. Yeah, famous last words!

Sandy C. said...

LOL at quarter horse! That is hilarious :)

I need a good weed wacking on my brows too. I've got a jungle going on these days.

Lisa said...

Oh those are great stories. "Did they take off your old eyebrows and put new ones on?" Cutest questions EVER!

Jen said...

Great recovery on the math fact!

You are one brave woman. I've never had a bikini wax (I use other less painful methods). Is it as horrible as it sounds??