Sunday, July 20, 2008

From Katie

Dear Internets,

Currently, my mom is suffering from a vacation hangover.

Yup, you heard that right - after spending a week on the sunny shores of a lake, usually doing nothing more than fetching her friends cocktails or being waited on herself, sunning her bod (front AND back people!), wrangling children (the grown-ups were outnumbered this year, 8 adults - 9 kids!), reading trashy magazines, applying sunscreen, yelling at us to go ride our bikes (can you believe how mean those grown-ups are?), taking us to waterslides, taking us swimming, taking us go-karting, performing for us (yeah, um mom, next time you decide to give us a lesson on "doing the butt," you might want to make sure the neighbors aren't looking), buying us oodles of crap to keep us busy, feeding us (what? BBQ chips are considered a MAJOR player in the food pyramid . . . if you are a 300lb linebacker). Speaking of football - the dads actually played football with us kids, instead of sealing themselves in their "beach chair" to, um, what do you call it? Spectate? Anyway, my mom, she is t-i-r-e-d.

She is especially tired because we talked her into just one more day of camping on the way home and we were all almost eaten by bears.

True story.

Maybe when my mom crawls out from under the pile of laundry higher than Mt. Rainier, she'll find the courage to tell you the story about that. About how she was cooking bacon outside in the wilderness . . .

Oh, gotta go! My mom needs the fabric softener and after the week she's had, I don't want to upset her.

But here is a photo of me and my B-F-F on vacation.

Don't we rock those hula hoops?

Yeah, we know. Don't even get me started on my pigtails.

Katie (Carrie's third, and most well-behaved child)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Everyone knows the time you need a vacation most is right after you've had a vacation!

All Adither said...

Vacations aren't quite "vacations" with small kids, are they?

I was just planning a guest post on my blog from my son. We're on the same wavelength!

jane - mom generations said...

Dear Katie,

Tell you mom to take two Tylenol for the vacation hangover and see how she feels tomorrow. :-)

By the way, you have a future in blogging!

Christy said...

Vacations by the lake--AWESOME. We're renting a camp on the Lake in NH next month & I can't wait! It sounds like you had a great time (except the bears; yikes! Can't wait to hear about that one.)

BTW--go check it out. I gave you an award (my blog.)

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Welcome home! Good luck recovering and I can't wait to hear about the bears!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Dear Katie...

Please go fold towels. I want your mama back soon. Vacation/camping laundry is HARD WORK... go. help. now!

lights together...darks together! ;-)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wow, Katie! As a former teacher, I must compliment you on the vocabulary, grammar and composition of your post. You are amazingly bright!

Now go help your Momma hold some towels and sort socks. :) She's been missed.

Mamasphere said...

Katie- BBQ chips ARE a major player in the food pyramid. They can even be eaten all by themselves with nothing else, except maybe some cheese dip, and be considered a complete meal.

Just so you know.

And VERY cute pigtails.

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I need a nap just reading all of that. And you were LIVING and DOING all of that stuff. Vacation hangover indeed.

But it sounds like you guys all had fun. YEAY! Happy to hear that.

Christina_the_wench said...


Don't worry about the braids. It's a right of passage every girl must go through. Your mom is just following the order of things. Be thankful polyester isn't in anymore. *cringes*

Hula on, girl!

Jen said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a fun time. Love the pigtails!

Kyla said...

That photo is so cute. I think I make that same face when putting on my mascara. Serious concentration and all.

Sus said...

crap. I thought by the time my kids were you and your brothers' ages vacations would be relaxing again. ask your mom would she like to go with me on my weekend retreat of silence? i concocted the idea last time i took a family vacation.

Molo said...

I still am planning to do a painting of when you and Katie saw the bear, in your yard!
But I must hear this new bear story soon.