Thursday, December 20, 2007

Six is the Magic Number!

Kudos to all those families out there with more than four kids (why I pick four as my breaking point, I have no idea but it seems to work!).

In the last 24 hours, the number of kids in my household has doubled from the usual screaming three to SIX! Yes, you heard it, six!

Family emergency comes up, of course I'll watch your kids. How much work can it be?

I had a plan, I told all the kids that we would be operating on the buddy system in case we went anywhere, that way I wouldn't lose anyone. I told them that we would be organized and strict and that our home would run like a well-oiled machine if we did this.

I am such a fool.

I didn't take into consideration the actual time it takes to prepare six kids for bed, supervise six sets of teeth being brushed, tuck in six kids and bring six glasses of water (because we all know that going to bed around these parts can't be an easy affair, noooooo - we have to request EXTRA water and kisses because that's just how it's done) to six thirsty sets of lips.

These things take time.

It took me one whole hour to get them all in bed.

But now, now it's quiet.

I try to imagine what it would be like if they were all mine, how would I get it all done? How would I not overlook something important? How would I know if I did?

Tomorrow, while two are at school, I get to take the other four with me to meet a friend for lunch.

I have to be there by noon.

Cross your fingers for me.


painted maypole said...

i can't imagine. tonight at MQ's school Xmas program one of her friend's parents (who already have 4 kids of their own - 2 in the program and 2 sitting and watching with them) brought along 3 more of their friend's kids, because Thursday is the night they watch the kids for their friends. I was astonished. and amazed.

Kellan said...

You will need to probably get up at 4:00 am if you need to get there at noon - take it from me - I have 4 kids (no... just kidding - you'll do fine). See ya and have fun. Kellan

jen said...

ah, but they look so cute. and dude, i can barely manage one - so you deserve some double spiked eggnog.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! It sounds like fun, they sure look cute! However, I know I'm insane and right now I technically only have ONE child in the house, I'd feel differently if I actually had six here, even temporarily.

Good luck tomorrow! :)

Christina_the_wench said...

You're either a sadist or a saint. lol

Good luck and I hope you actually get to talk to your friend during your time together.Merry Christmas!

Alexandra's World said...

Wow!! Good luck! Yeah, my mom raised 4 kids! We're all very close in age. My brother was born when I was 18 months old, and 13 months after that, the twins were born! She had 4 kids under the age of 3 at one time! I don't know how she did it. Kudos to all moms, whether they have one kid, or 15!!

Family Adventure said...

OMG, but they are just lovely in that picture, though! Beautiful :)

You are a true hero -- and even though you'll be exhausted at the end of it all, you'll know you did a good thing.

Hang in there!


Becky said...

good luck!

flutter said...

consider them crossed

LindaJ said...

You have to be the best friend ever. I wouldn't know what to do without you and brett.
Brandon and i thank you, and so does grandma pam..Your the best!!!
Love you...I'm glad they were good for you...this must mean I can bring another one home from got my back right?? (wink)

Mamacita Tina said...

I have to laugh, I'm in a similar position right at this moment. I'm waiting for the oldest teenager to give up on Guitar Hero and go to bed. Instead of my usual two, we have five. Mothers of large families have my complete admiration, I have no clue how they do it.