Sunday, July 08, 2007

Katie's Dreamliner

Since Daddy is at work, making sure the airport doesn't catch on fire during the rollout of the Boeing Company's newest project, the beautiful, spacious, lightweight and big windowed airplane, The Dreamliner, we thought we'd watch via Northwest Cable News as Tom Brokaw emceed the event held close to home.

Having never witnessed a rollout or the ceremony surrounding an event such as this, I called the kids in promptly at 3 o'clock, when the whole thing began.

There they sat, for over an hour and fifteen minutes listening to various aerospace leaders all over the world give speeches on what their company did to bring this dream to reality and how honored they are to be a part of this truly global celebration.

I imagine it was as interesting to them as watching paint dry is to me (which is the project I have been working on this weekend, as we are "remodeling" our deck and my main job is paint detail).

McRae finally said "how long is this thing going to last until we see the airplane?". And I answered that I had no clue. In hindsight, I should've just driven out there and parked alongside the road where we could've had a clear view of the plane, sitting in wait, for the talking to cease.

Finally, at about 4:22 p.m. they opened up the gigantic doors of the Boeing plant and showed everyone the plane.

The kids sat, mouths agape and it was a very impressive moment; although I just couldn't help thinking "all this for an airplane?". Please excuse my lack of enthusiasm for this achievement, I know that it is an important moment in aerospace history, a great benefit to our local economy and a awesome thing to witness all these countries coming together to create something together - truly a global product.

But when can I fly on it?

Now that would be cause for me to celebrate. I want to peer through those big windows and breathe the humid, cleaner airplane air. I want to sit in those comfy seats and enjoy the benefits of the led lights that mimic sunrise and sunset so as not to interrupt my body's natural state of being. Do you think they offer yoga classes onboard too?

Anyway, it is a beautiful airplane, and it's benefits will be felt by the entire world - so, horray for Boeing!

I think Katie's observation says it best.

As she sat playing "house" with her Cabbage Patch doll and she glanced at the tv behind her to see the plane sitting there at "daddy's work" (aka Paine Field), she said "there's Lila, going to China on that airplane".

"Lila doesn't leave for China until Tuesday honey."

"Well, that's her plane."

Obviously, there was no reasoning with the 3-year-old mind at this point so I just threw my hands up in the air and went with it.

"What is Lila going to China for?"

"Well, to get her Ellie, of course!"

Now that, is cause for celebration.

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LindaJ said...

That's my Katie Bug!!! So we can get our Ellie. What i wouldn't give to be taking the Dreamliner. Why can't they invent something so my 15 hour flight is only 15 minutes? Amen, for perscription drugs!!

We will miss you!!

Linda, Brandon, Braydon, Lila and soon....ELLIE!!

Slackermommy said...

The Dreamliner sounds like a dream.