Monday, May 15, 2006

Preschool Is Over . . .

Preschool is over, and we had lots of fun,
Now it's time to go home, so goodbye everyone!
Goodbye Piper
Goodbye Alex
Goodbye Katie
We'll see you all next time
Goodbye Kevin
Goodbye Conan
Goodbye Jacob
We'll see you all next time
Goodbye Malachi
Goodbye Teacher
Goodbye Parents
We'll see you all next time

I will never have to sing the preschool song again! Oh happy day. Can you all hear my excitement as the third round of co-op preschool has drawn to an end?

While the preschool year has been enjoyable for the most part, I am not afraid to say that I am glad it's over. After the boys back-to-back enrollment seven years ago, I was wiped out! Serving on a preschool board is never as easy as they all say it will be. Do not let them fool you! The meetings, the complaining, the fundraising!!! It's exhausting and consuming.

And so, we are officially done and I have managed to coast through Katie's year of co-op without battle wounds. I only had to endure a mere five meetings!! Of course, none of the other parents attended (save one other demented mother like myself), and we were called upon to be class reps. Guess what I said? No thank you, I will help out in any way, but I do not have time to serve on the board! It was my proudest moment of the year (not really). I was able to say those ellusive words that are so hard to mutter: NO.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Thanks for a glimpse into my future. :)

Those pictures (and the one of your three kids in the post before this) are too cute!

Mom101 said...

Thanks for the mother's day wishes - right back atcha, mama. I'm with you: saying no is so freaking hard. Why is that? No, don't tell me. (Hey, I did it!)

Mamacita Tina said...

We hear our own kids say, "NO," so much, you'd think we'd catch on. :-)

Lisa said...

Congrats to you and Katie. Yeay! We'll find out next year... My little guy is enrolled in TWO programs. Eeek!