Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ask and You Shall Receive

For Jenny, at the mamadrama blog, here are your construction workers. Yes, I know this probably isn't what you had in mind, but don't you just love this photo? I know, it has nothing to do with kids, school, pull-ups or tater tots, but life doesn't have to be all about that stuff. Enjoy! p.s. I am glad that isn't MY office!


Angry Dad said...

They're such cool photos. I think the set of them was from when they made the Empire State Building, or a similar high rise in New York (maybe Chrysler building). There are a few places that have them here in Brisbane, Australia - which shows how popular they are!

carrie said...

I have always liked this one in paticular - even though I'm afraid of heights!

Kristin said...

omg... i get vertigo just looking at the photo... gorgeous but sort of stomach-dropping!

Kevin Charnas said...

FANATASTIC photo...that always makes my feet sweat and scares the hell out of me.

RC said...

how horrible if that was your office!!!

Yikes, not even a lunch table.

--RC of

Jenny said...

What is wrong with me?! How in the world could I POSSIBLY have missed this post?

Not only does it have my name in it but it also has construction workers. Constructions workers!!!

I'm a doofus. Forgive me.