Friday, October 21, 2011

The Loo

Girls love bathrooms.

That is what I have decided.

When I'm standing in the check-out line at Costco, or the grocery store or wherever (it doesn't really matter, insert anything into this place and it will be the same outcome), 9 times out of 10 Katie says she needs to use the restroom.

Now, I am aware of the whole have-your-children-use-the-bathroom-before-you-leave-the-house method, and I do use it regularly. However, it doesn't seem to matter - and we're not talking about a kid who has some kind of medical condition which requires constant bathroom use here, we're talking about a kid who loves bathrooms.

Maybe it's the cinnamon scented air freshener?

Maybe it's the rows and rows of shiny steel doors?

Maybe it's the soap dispensers, or the gigantic rolls of toilet paper?

Maybe it's the (gasp) seat covers?

Whatever it is, that girl of mine, the one who definitely does not have a weak bladder, almost always has to explore the bathroom whenever we are out.

What's a mother to do? As much as I don't mind not being the one to load every single item that has managed to find its way into my Costco cart (I just got my rebate check for the year, don't judge) onto to the conveyor belt, I definitely dislike using public bathrooms a lot more. A lot more.

But my daughter? Not her. It's like she's on an adventure. Every single time. Maybe she has a side job as a secret bathroom reviewer?

Now there's an idea! Companies could actually pay her to go into their bathrooms and rate them. . . wait a minute, that means I'd have to go with her. Never mind, scratch that idea.

Point is, the girl is obsessed. She is an equal opportunity bathroom obsess-or too. It doesn't matter if the bathroom is small and tucked away in the back room of a hole in the wall restaurant, she's going to want to check it out. It doesn't matter if the bathroom is at the top of a high staircase, or a port-a-potty at the baseball field, she'll want to see it. It doesn't matter if it's the Taj Mahal of bathrooms complete with a gold toilet, she'll decide it's time to use it and if that bathroom happens to be out of seat covers...she's going to notice.

Maybe it's some kind of mechanism, that all of our children are fitted with right before entry into this world, which permits them to love the one thing their mother dislikes. In my case, public bathrooms.

Maybe she's put on this planet to teach me a lesson.

Well, of course she is. If colic weren't the ultimate lesson in testing my patience, than certainly this bathroom obsession of hers is the next best thing because there is only so much "honey don't touch that, Katie don't peek under the stalls, come on and hurry up and wash your hands," that I can take.

Back to my original thought: girls love bathrooms.

All of them except for me.

*Reposted from 2009 - and nothing has changed a bit! That girl still loves the loo...


Michelle said...

This post had me cracking up. My sister was OBSESSED with checking out bathrooms when she was a kid. Every single place we've ever been to she's had to check it out! She still catches herself talking about one when she runs across a cool loo.

Karen said...

Cadence (age 7 in a week) is exactly the same way. Although I think her biggest obsession with the public bathroom is the ability to throw echos around.

carsick said...

I have three girls. They all loved the bathroom until Jr. High.

Anonymous said...

You said all.. well... again.
I'd write more, but nature calls.


creative-type dad said...

My daughter is the exact same way. No medical problems, or whatever. It's all about curiosity and inconvenience.

The only solution is to somehow make the experience scary...

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