Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Good is:

Your husband turning a fan on you while you cook and stir risotto in a 100 degree kitchen

Finding the perfect gift for someone you love

Kids who don't fight

Really, really good wine

A really, really good book that you wish would never end

New bedding

Longer nights

Longer shadows

A paycheck

Paper snowflakes in August

School supplies and new backpacks

That Foster the People song that I love despite the lyrics

And of course,

Laundry that puts itself away


Mom Taxi Julie said...

All good in my book!

Kyla said...

Very good!

Kalei said...

Your blog is adorable! We're a company based around children/family furniture, would love to stay in touch! :)

Chatón said...

Like your list. Here's one to add, when you randomly throw things together and the dish comes out oh so good! :-) Following you. Please visit my blog and follow me to at: