Thursday, January 06, 2011

Extra Good, Good, Goodie

Everyday, I ask the same question, "How was school today?"

And everyday, I get the same answer, "It was good!"

Today though, she answered, "It was extra good, good, goodie! BUT...I had the worst recess of my life."

Ah, no, not the drama. It's not time. She's only seven. I'm not ready.

"What happened at recess?" I so don't want to go there but I'm imagining all sorts of horrors, her tripping and falling, breaking an arm, someone snatching her from the playground...oh wait, she's standing right here in front of me, all her limbs attached. All is well.

I really need to take something for that overactive imagination of mine.

Anyhow - so yes, it was the worst recess of her seven-year-old life, apparently.

"These boys were chasing, chasing, chasing me." She breathlessly answered, although the flush of her cheeks and the excitement of her tone did little to mask how she really felt about being chased by a gaggle of first grade boys.

And so, it begins...


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I thought that since my daughter had older brothers we might avoid the infatuations...but no, it's just in a different way than I, with all sisters, was infatuated with the opposite sex. Gotta love em, and watch em ALL the time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Katie, for starting my morning off with a smile..

Believe it or not, I still remember those days.. we'd play "boys chase girls" and then "girls chase boys". Never know what to do when we caught'em!


Kyla said...

I think KayTar is probably doing the chasing, after all she IS the one who kissed a boy in PE this year because she was "looking for a little romance" as she put it. ;)