Monday, November 22, 2010

What Seven Is

Seven is dressing your Bitty Baby in as many layers of clothing as you can at the sight of the first snowflake.

Seven is saying, "When you finish high school, you get a TACOMA."

Seven is losing front teeth.

Seven is helping in the kitchen.

Seven is being excited about the toy catalogs that come in the mail everyday.

Seven is silly bandz.

Seven is blueberry muffins.

Seven is all about the glitter.

Seven is loving new snow boots.

Seven is cuddling on the couch and telling mom about your day.

Seven is fresh baked chocolate cookies.

Seven is getting your first fishing pole.

Seven is standing in the snow, in your pyjamas with a flame hat on your head, tongue sticking out and hand-me-down gloves from your brother on your hands.

Seven is not a care in the world.

That's what seven is.


Carrie said...

Love the picture. And such a sweet post!

Anonymous said...

Yep. You've captured our girl perfectly!


Kyla said...

Five is a lot of those, too. KayTar has lost EIGHT teeth already!

flutter said...

7 is awesome

April said...

sweet & beautiful!

Colleen said...

7 sounds awesome!

Kateleen, gerber said...

Don't forget iCarly! (when I saw it on the t-shirt I was pretty sure it will be on the list). Comes from a mom whose boy is turning 7 this week.

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