Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dear Blog,

I promise I'm not ignoring you on purpose. I promise. Life, as you know, happens and I've been terribly neglectful of this little chunk of loved internet space more than I ever have before. My mother tells me that I need to update my blog because every time she clicks on it, she salivates.

So here is my measly offering.

Snippets of the week.

It's all I've got, for the moment.


Your Loving Author

PS - I promise, no more food posts without some actual words in between.

Roy misses the kids when they're in school. He snuggles with Katie's stuffed dog until they get home. Good thing 2 of them had early releases all week. Did I mention that was allll week? Yes - that means the house was only kid-free for 2 hours each day. That's hardly enough time to get my beauty rest!

We "pink'd the rink" for our local hockey team in support of breast cancer research and awareness wearing pink t-shirts from Daddy's firestation. With PINK hair!

Pinking the Rink!

Annual Pumpkin Carving Party at our dear friends from Circle Creek Home!

Appropriately...the end.


Anonymous said...

Now I'm hungry for the munchkins!



Midwest Mommy said...

Oh the name of your blog made me laugh! I think I yell this at least 20 times a day!

Kyla said...

Lovely snippets. Love all of the pumpkins!!

Anonymous said...

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