Monday, August 09, 2010

Is There a Candle for That?

I can't remember the last time I set foot inside a Bath and Body Works store...a few months? A year? Had it really been that long? Most likely it was before Christmas when I was rushing around like a madwoman snatching up teacher and Christmas hostess gifts to keep on hand, at the very last minute of course.

I'd tried to make it in a few weeks ago, when Katie was attending vacation bible school in the evenings near one of their stores only to pull up to their glossy storefront and find that it had closed 3 minutes before my arrival. 3 minutes! I nearly cried and had one of the boys fake an emergency so that the store clerk would at least open up the doors and let us in so I could gaze upon all the lovely soaps, lotions, lip balms and bubble baths, but I decided not to.

I don't usually get that crazy over soap. Okay, if you know me you know I do get crazy over soap, but not the mental, lunatic, I'm going to scream if I don't have any kind of crazy, only the good kind of crazy - and usually only over soap made from everything good for you. But Bath and Body Works is the exception. I mean, I'm fully aware that there is no actual essence of lime and basil hiding in their antibacterial pump soap...but I can't help but be intoxicated every darn time I wash my hands with that stuff.

And the pink grapefruit scent?

Is there a matching candle?

Because right now I'm this close to going postal and ordering one of everything from their website. Really. I need an intervention. Besides, speaking of postal, the postal service could use the extra business. I'm sure of it.

Just think of all the letter-carrier jobs I could save!

All I needed was to re-stock my kitchen pump soap. That was it. Simple task, no? I lectured the kids, "Please don't touch anything. Please don't ask for anything. Please don't bug me when I say no because I know you are going to ask for something." And I thought I was good to go.

Turns out, I'm no match for Vampire Blood (plum scented) mini-hand sanitizers with matching backpack holders for under a buck (I can say I was school-supply shopping).

Or fragrance spray for $5 (totally falls into the school supply category).

Let's just say it's a good thing their soap isn't edible.

A really good thing.

Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go wash my hands again. It has, after all, been all of 10 minutes.


Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

I like Bed Bath and Beyond also. I think if you need to have those soaps, you should write the company and ask if they want you to do a review. You can tell them that you will also host a giveaway. Then you get a soap for free and you can make a lucky winner happy, too!

Kyla said...

LOL!! I haven't been there in ages...but it sounds like I need to make another visit! My mom makes homemade soaps and bath products, so I can usually get whatever I want from her.

Kendra said...

Lord, I always smell like Purell and Sam's Club brand antibacterial soap. I could definitely use a trip there; when you wash your hands ten thousand times a day (many kids in diapers), blissful smelling soap must count as something--a business deduction? Or an antipsychotic? Something like that.

Edie Mindell said...

You're so funny. I was laughing when I read your post here.:-) I go ga-ga also with Bath and Body Works beauty products. My beauty regimen wouldn't be complete without their products. I especially adore their lip balms.:-)

Gel Candles said...

No matter what the holiday, I have a candle for it. Geez, sometimes I give a candle just as an "I've-been-thinking-about-you" gift.