Saturday, May 08, 2010

Smashing Rubbish

One of the things I love about blogging and, well, my very limited knowledge of all things technical (including caller ID and facebook) is that it makes the world so much more accessible, in terms of exposure.

Going on a trip? Post pics to your friends (not the ones who want to come rob your house when you're away) on facebook so they can travel along with you.

Dine somewhere incredible? Tell us about it on your blog.

See a concert that changed your life forever? Write about it on twitter.

You get the idea.

Technology has made my world a whole lot bigger. I can "see" friends I never get the chance to with our otherwise busy schedules, laugh at their funny mishaps and read about their adventures - at any time of the day or night I want.

While I do value real life interactions above all others, and I will never be the kind of person who thinks a text message replaces a phone call (unless we're just exchanging simple information), I am so incredibly grateful for the gift that technology (and blogging) has given me, most notably in the form of old friends.

One of my oldest high school chums has been blogging since January and she just decided to share her space with the world last month.

Here we are, Jennette and I, in high school, on the ski bus (circa 1987?) - she will kill me for putting this on here:

B.I.Pod (before iPod) Yes, those are real life walkmans we're listening to - she's probably listening to The Scorpions and I'm listening to New Order.

How could you have been hiding this from us all this time? I wondered when I first clicked on her blog, Smashing Rubbish.

Can I just say? Am I allowed to say? She lives one amazing life. I always knew she was special, that's why I wanted to be her friend. She is one of those friends who I remain close to, no matter how long we go without actually seeing each other in person. She is one of those friends who I would feel comfortable leaving my children with. She is just one of those friends.

She is also a beekeeper!

And she surfs!

And she is an amazingly gifted story teller.

She has so much to share with the world and to teach everyone, and I couldn't be happier that she's stepped out into the blogging medium to do so.

So please, in your spare time, go check out Jennette's blog Smashing Rubbish and learn a thing or two or twenty about nettles or New Orleans or her favorite music. You won't be sorry.

I'm proud to call her friend.


Jennette said...

Your killin' me! Just done surfing, exhausted, and now can't stop bawling! You are so darn sweet, my love! I forgive you for the picture but I do think it may very well have been Wham we were listening to! You are a dear friend, I hold you close to my heart, you are a friend for the road and a friend for life! I love you to pieces!

carrie said...

You are probably right - I was most likely listening to Wham!

Love you too...surfer girl. XOXO

Lady in a Fishbowl said...

Awesome that you have a long-time friend who is so super cool... and that hair, that brings back the memories. Ah the hours of spraying and curling and perming... Those were the good ol' days!

monstergirlee said...

What a great site, jut spent 15 minutes reading, and I'll be back. How cool to reconnect with a good friend that way. Yay.

All Adither said...

I was a New Order girl, myself. Still am.

Kyla said...

I only talk to two people on the phone, my mom and Josh, because I can't get 5 minutes for an uninterrupted conversation and these two people don't find it rude when I stop listening to them every 2.5 seconds to deal with the kids. LOL! The Internet/texting is my main mode of communication these fits easily between the kids and my busy school schedule!

Kim said...

I must be the crazy person who post vacation pictures.... but I want everyone to come with me...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an explanation. I did not know it.