Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Boys, Cars, and Trucks

Once upon a time, we were a 2-car-mat household.

What's a "2-car-mat household?"

Parents of young boys know.

Parents of more than 1 young boy know.

Once upon a time, my boys were little...so little they could both fit on my lap without squishing all of the available air from my body. Although they weren't twins, they were often mistaken for them - especially when seated side by side in that gigantic double stroller I used to push everywhere (hmmm, that explains the toned arms I used to have).

We would spend our days digging in the dirt, flying Buzz Lightyears around the house and playing with cars. Those 2 car mats ruled their universe.

We were always playing with cars.

They liked the occasional quiet time (quiet time, what's that?) but when they were up and at 'em, so to speak, they were literally UP. and. AT 'EM.

Yes, those were the days...

How did I ever do it? And without coffee?

I suppose not much has changed, except that now their cars have batteries and a remote control attached. They are still loud and rambunctious and all over each other like puppies - either that, or they are killing each other, it varies. They are typical brothers, one minute friends, the next minute enemies. And they both have feet bigger than mine - which, by the way, makes shoe shopping without them not too bad because all I have to do is put my foot next to the pair I'm looking at for them and if mine is a wee bit smaller, the shoe will probably fit one of my boys.

When do their feet stop growing, anyway?

They are stinky and smelly and make weird noises, at this age. But they are also loving and sweet and kind, and they will always be my boys. Even when they are giving each other wedgies in the back yard, or sticking their tongues out at girls...they are my boys.

But can someone tell me why, why do they have to grow so fast?

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