Sunday, January 24, 2010

Shaving, Fishtanks and Attitudes - Or, One of Those Days When You Really Don't Want to be a Mom


It's what men, manly men, men with actual whiskers on their face, do.


It's not what a 12, almost 13 year old boy who doesn't have one single teeny tiny resemblence of a hair that would need to be shaved, should do. I'm not trying to keep you from experiencing an important rite of passage, but if you can't even remember to brush your teeth and wash your face on a daily basis - how are you ready to shave?

Also, please see exhibit A: you don't have facial hair yet.


They are stinky and gross and when not cleaned regularly, become quite disgusting. The deal with the fish tank was that the boy would clean the fishtank without needing to be asked fifty billion times.


They are not what moms want to clean.

Also, moms don't like to get those tiny fishtank rocks in their garbage disposals. So please don't hassle a mom (that would be me) when she offers to help so that the disgusting job of cleaning the said fishtank is done properly and without ruining her garbage disposal...which she relies heavily upon to dispose of the leftovers her kids leave on their plates.


Those are for the birds.

Any questions?


Lisa said...

Ughhh...I hate cleaning the fish tank. I'm getting ready to offer the kids a dog if I can just get rid of those stupid fish.

feefifoto said...

Side Note to the 12-Year-Old Who Insists on Shaving Even Though There's Nothing There:

It's bad enough that you're razoring your face. Let's keep the razor off your legs because it's kind of hard to explain how you got that gigantic slash on your shin. Kthksbai.

alice c said...

Which painfully reminds of the day that my son was being intolerable but I was trying to persuade my husband that he was a good boy at heart. The next thing I knew my son was walking through the door covered with shaving foam and brandishing a razor saying "Is today a good day to learn to shave?" He was very, very lucky he was still alive the next day.

Kendra said...

My oldest is 6. I hadn't given a moment's thought to shaving yet. Another thing I'm not looking forward to!