Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mom's Lemon Chicken

Everybody loves comfort food.

One of my favorite comfort food recipes, just the mere mention of it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (just the way mom intended), is my mom's lemon chicken. I find it funny that just after I posted my version of the recipe per Kendra's request in her comments, my mom gives her version in the comments section on here! And even more exciting? My version is almost the same as hers - here, take a look for yourself.

It's proof positive that I am not, indeed, losing my ever-loving mind.

Carrie's version of her mom's lemon chicken (via Kendra's comment section):

And as for my lemon chicken recipe, I just copy by memory the dish my mom made, omitting the capers because my husband can't stand capers. Here is the basic recipe:

You warm up an electric frying pan (this is what my mom did) to med-high. Pound as many boneless, skinless chx breasts as you think you need and dredge in flour. Coat them really well.

Then, heat up either butter or olive oil in the pan (the amount just depends on how big you want your thighs to be - but I'd estimate about 2-3 tablespoons). Then add the chicken, you can season w/salt and pepper if want, but I like mine pretty naked...except for the lemon.

So then you cook the chicken until it's done inside and nice golden brown on the outside and remove it from pan. Then add about 1 cup chicken broth and the lemon is where it gets tricky - use as much lemon juice as you see fit (could be 1/4 cup - or could be 1/2 depending on how lemony you like it). Continue to cook the liquid, stirring up all the delicious pan cracklings, until it is thick (you might have to make a roux w/flour and a little more broth if it doesn't get thick enough for you). This would also be the time to add capers if you like 'em.

Then, when the sauce is finished, add the chicken back into the pan. I add lemon slices at this point because I love them so much.

And I also use butter...because it just tastes so good. And I probably use more than I told you to use because...well - you know.

We like to eat it with steamed broccoli and some linguine. In fact, I think we'll put this on the menu for this week and kick something else off!

I hope it works for you. Let me know!

My mom's version (the right one, plus she is less wordy so this probably makes more sense than my long rambling recipe from above):

Dredge some flattened, boneless, skinless chicken breasts in flour. "Fry" lightly in olive oil (or even mix in some butter) until lightly browned. Remove from pan. Add a mix of chicken broth & lemon juice. Maybe a cup total? Thicken w/ cornstarch. Add back the chicken & some lemon slices. Cover & finish cooking. Season with salt, pepper, & even capers if you aren't married to Brett.

Eat on noodles.

I'm not more specific, because she can suit her own taste on the ingredients.

Somewhere, I have the recipe written down. No soup.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember when I made this in WASH, D.C.? No recipe.. our turn to cook at Aunt J's. It was great.

But then, the next night, she did Maryland crab cakes... yum!!!


carrie said...

Maybe she should share her crab cake recipe?

Wendy said...

oo, my mouth is watering!

Anonymous said...

You know, I think I Do usually use flour for the thickening, because it's already out for the chicken. Don't overcook. The chicken should be barely done when transferred from the pan, so that when it returns to the sauce, it doesn't get too dry.

The crab cakes? Ha. She bought them already formed from some shop!!! & then cooked them. Still delicious, and smart, too.

Tonight, Dad did his oven-fried panko oysters.



Kendra said...

Thanks so much for the recipe--and the comments! I love this recipe for its simplicity, for the fact that I don't have to run out and get anything special, and for all the lemon! I'm definitely trying it this week.