Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Dance

I slept most of the day.

The rain pounding outside and the wind trying to rip every single shingle from our roof made it all the more enticing to slip back into the covers and pull the sheets up around my neck. With the leaves swirling this way and that and the lights flickering, a cozy bed was the only place I wanted to be. It also passed the time until the doctor's appointment.

Nothing like hiding from the world when you are about to face something you'd rather avoid.

It's the best coping mechanism I know. Well, besides drowning ones' sorrows in a bottle of Grey Goose...but that isn't really too conducive to parenting now is it?

The kids scribbled drawings on the white board in the doctor's office. Passing the time making variations of Pac Man while my husband played the antiquated game on his cell phone.

I twiddled my thumbs.




"They're normal." Said the doctor.

"Normal?" We said back in unison.


That heavy rock that had been hibernating in the pit of my stomach for months decided to round house kick it's way out of there upon hearing that news. Normal. No parent wants to hear anything other than that. Normal.

And she didn't even ask to see the notes I'd taken! I guess I can put those in his baby book so we can read them 40 years from now...

Of course, tonight we'll whoop it up. We'll celebrate, we'll trick or treat, we'll eat more pumpkin pie and "whoop" cream than we should. And we'll thank our lucky stars - because we know that it could have been so much worse. We'll take all the normal we can get, even if it means making some adjustments - we'll take it.

So, for all you people out there trick or treating, that breeze you feel? That's my sigh of relief. Watch out, it could knock you over with it's force because friends, it's a mighty big sigh.


Carrie said...

Hurray for normal!

kys said...

I'm sighing in relief for you, too.

A very Happy Halloween to you all!

Melissa said...

I was praying everything would be okay. Yeah!!! Enjoy your PIE w/ all the messy gooey stuff adding to the YUM!!!!!

monstergirlee said...

Whoa! YAY!
so glad to hear it.

Kendra said...

Congratulations! Sounds like the best news I've heard in a while!

SugarBritches said...


So glad for your relief.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Sighs of relief all around--those scares bring a lot of perspective.

Joanna Jenkins said...

YEAH for good news! "Normal" is good :-)

The kids look great in their costumes too.


Becky said...

oh em gee. the costumes are SO awesome.

wyliekat said...

I can only imagine. I'm so glad that the news was a nice, safe, boring, beige normal.

Kyla said...

That is great! Is he doing better?