Friday, May 08, 2009

Me and Kate Gosselin

OK, I admit it, I watch the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 from time to time...not as much as I watch other equally interesting and mentally stimulating (I kid) programming, but, time to time. I can't help it, peeking in on a family of 10 makes me feel, even on my worst days, a little more normal. Watching Kate slug John in the arm makes me feel, even when I'm my most volatile, not so bad for pinching my own husband. And seeing their new puppies fail at potty training makes me grateful that when our puppy was in that phase, he rocked the housebreaking department.

It's a win-win situation, for me.

I won't mention the fact that I, unlike Kate Gosselin, do not always prepare my kids all organic, all homemade meals every live long day. Oh no, she's got me beat in that department for sure, but one must leave room for improvement, no?

So I'll give her that.

And the fact that she got all her stretch marks surgically removed (so not fair).

And the fact that even though her hair sticks up like an angry porcupine in the back, she manages to still look cute and put together.

And the fact that she looked right in Meredith Viera's face and stated that she and her husband are handling the recent stress put upon their marriage "privately" despite their very public life.

And the fact that she has had 2 books on the NYT Bestseller list.

I'll give her that.

And now I can't even remember where I was going with this, I was so distracted by that last one.

Oh yes, when I watched the Today Show segment, I found myself yawning. It was clear that KG was less than enthused to be there, sitting in that chair while the whole world waited for her to break down. Yet, she didn't. And it was in a moment toward the end of the interview in which I really started to develop some strange feeling for KG...sympathy.

Not because of the tabloid treatment of her marriage.

Not because her dogs go potty in the house.

Not because of her crazy hair.

I felt sympathy because of something she said when talking about her books. She said that she didn't care if they sold a single copy, because they were written for her children, her family.

And I got it.

Admittedly, watching reality TV always, in its voyeuristic and mocking nature, makes me feel relieved to not be the people in those situations and that is probably more psychology than I can bear in one morning. But after hearing her speak those words, "I write for my children," I can no longer view the woman the media loves to pick on in the same way.

Despite our differences, despite just about everything about us and our families, Kate Gosselin may really be just like me on the inside. Writing for her children. Writing for her family. Writing for herself.

If no other eyes fall upon my words other than those of my own family, my own children, myself, that's okay. Because that's not why I do it.

Would I be happy sharing my words with others? Of course, I'm here aren't I? And there again, that's more psychology than I want to deal with before noon. Yet if these words, these keystrokes, these endless sentences that find their way here never go anyplace else, well then, that's just the way it is.

And like Kate Gosselin (oh, how I never imagined myself saying that), I write for them because I want them to know how I felt when they were little, and when they were not so little. I want them to have something other than what will be left of my memories and photos of their childhood when I am far to old to remember.

So here's to you Kate Gosselin. We may not be the same on many levels, we may not share ideology, philosophies or parenting styles, but inside we are both moms.

We are all moms (in some way or another, we are). We are sisters, friends, neighbors and cousins. We are as different as can be. We are similar too. And when you think about it, there are more things that bring us together than keep us apart.

Happy Mother's Day.


Ali said...

Well said. When people asked, "when did you start blogging," I answer, "shortly before the birth of my son." And quite simply, that is exactly WHY I started blogging. To document his life for him. Sure, my blog has grown and evolved since then, but I still write and share as a way to let my little guy know that he is the absolute most important thing in my life.

As for KG, dude, more power to her for mothering 8 while dealing with a husband who quite possibly has been unfaithful. I'd have porcupine hair, too.

Managed Chaos said...

I've been struggling to figure out how I feel about KG lately. I love how she loves her kids, but not her controlling/obsessive compulsive tendancies. I think you nailed my sentiment about her to a tee.

We're all mothers that love our kids and that's what's really important.

Happy Mother's Day

Ashley said...

I was and I stress was a J&K addict at one time. It made me feel more normal too watching the daily circus that is their life.

I got to the point where I wouldn't watch anymore because she was so horrible to her husband. I couldn't imagine treating mine that away especially in front of millions of eyes.

But now, I feel the same as you.

And I'm kinda pissed at Jon.

Kyla said...

I watch it, because KayTar loves it...most mornings we watch the reruns at 9. She loves to watch the kids run around. LOL.

I never intended to blog for my kids, like a lot of people do...but there are parts of it I will surely want to pass down to them in retrospect. I'm not a scrapbooker or even very good with baby books, but this blog of mine? That I can keep up with.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I like Kate's steely core. I wouldn't want to be married to her, but there's something about her I like.

I wish blogging had been around when my kids were young. For me it's the combination of the stories and the readers.

Mrs. Chicken said...

I've been questioning a lot lately about why I keep blogging.

Then I realized that when I am gone, or when these days are gone, I will have my own history to read.

So yes. Yes, and yes.

Scattered Mom said...

I like Kate, actually.

The thing that I worry about, and maybe I have the vantage point of looking back now that Jake is that when her kids are older, she may find that some things were a huge mistake.

Maybe not. I hope not. For her sake, and the kids.

Ann(ie) said...

Kate annoys me on the show I must admit, but at the same time I admire her for so much. Her resolve, her strength, her pride and her tenacity. And she must be going thru her own personal hell right now. =/

Happy Mother's day my friend. As usual you rocked this post!!! xox.

Becky said...

well said and i agree! i hadn't seen that inverview but that's awesome she said that.