Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today I:

Insisted that my middle child go back to bed until his alarm went off, so that he got enough sleep. He rolled his eyes at me.

I made someone a lunch who wanted to buy lunch at school because it was "pizza day." He grumbled that I did the same thing last week.

I told someone that they could not wear a blue swim shirt to school because it was not appropriate school attire. I am sure the emotional scars from that will last forever.

I made someone a waffle with not enough jelly on it and then, travesty of all travesties, I forgot to leave the spoon in the strawberry milk for that very same person. How in the world could I forget to leave the spoon in? Who knew? (Breakfast of champions by the way, jellied waffles and strawberry milk)

I put out the wrong shirt for a certain someone who wanted the "stripey" one and not the "dotted" one and now, I am pretty sure I have a piece of spinach stuck in my back tooth.

I'll be amazed if I survive.

Maybe Tuesday should be called "What I Did Wrong Day" instead. Perhaps you'd like to share with me what you did wrong today so that I don't feel so bad?


Every Day Goddess said...

I can't find the sewing kit my 12 year old borrowed to sew up his UNDERWEAR!! WHAT!!! Now that I need it to sew a button it is my fault it is missing. There are so many things wrong with this whole thing!!!

susannah said...

My two year old had a FIT when I did not take him with me and my 6 year old to the doctor this morning. He was crying, carrying on, etc. Very strange.

wyliekat said...

Yesterday? Oooh I got off lightly yesterday. It was only that Rosebud wanted to wear a dress, but not that dress, no and not a skirt, but definitely not that dress, the one that's WHOLLY inappropriate to the weather and dagnabbit I didn't pay attention to the screaming, I just left the room, only to come back and have her announce that she wanted to wear pants. The same pants I'd started out the morning with - laying neatly on her bed.


JMom said...

Fortunately, I've been a good mom for a couple weeks. But there was an episode a while back wherein I made my kids eat their oranges. Luckily, DCFS didn't have to get involved.


Kmommy said...

Oh man. Everyday is what did I do *right* day... that list is always so much shorter ;)