Friday, April 24, 2009

Stand Up

A mom, a boy and a little girl walk into a grocery store.

The mom, intent on loading up on sports drinks for the baseball game, heads right for the beverage aisle.

The boy, intent on loading up on candy before the baseball game (although he is so wrong), heads right for the candy section.

(Which is conveniently located directly before the beverage aisle - genius grocery store placement marketers.)

The girl, intent on giving her mother an action packed ride at the baseball game, heads straight for the bubblegum section (thinking she will bat her eyes and get a pack - she is so wrong).

The mom joins her children at the bubblegum/candy section and tells them it's time to hit the road.

The boy, being a smarty pants, points to a candy bar - a classic in a brown wrapper with bold writing and says, "Look mom! It's a HEALTH bar!" He is totally serious, he actually thinks this candy bar is a health bar.

The mom says, "Nice try dude. That's HEATH, not HEALTH."

"Oh man," says the boy, "I thought is was a healthy candy bar."

The mom resists the urge to say, "There is no such thing." She smiles and hands him a Gatorade, and off they go to baseball, with the little girl skipping behind them.


LindaJ said...

LOL!! Don't blame the guy for trying. And if there was a candy bar that was good for you, I'm sure it would taste like crap.

Ashley said...

Smart little thing. I love moments like that though. Not that I enjoy correcting my kids but sometimes they think they know every darn thing there is to know.

Kerrie said...

Shucks. I was hoping he found something great.

Kyla said...

They are called PowerBars and they suck. LOL.