Thursday, February 05, 2009

You Know You're a Firefighter's Wife, Reprise

" The Real Firefighters of The SC"

You Know You're a Firefighter's Wife If:

You know what IFSTA, IAFF, SCBA, WSFTA, and ARFF stand for.

Your Husband's wardrobe looks like this: non-descript bottoms paired with any navy blue shirt/sweatshirt with a fire department logo on it.

Your Husband's haircut is "nice and tight," so are his buns.

You've eaten more gas-producing foods in a 24 hour period than any sane woman should (unless she's a firefighter).

You know the difference between a police siren and a fire siren.

Your kids think the fire station is "Daddy's house."

You've received more Dalmatian-themed collectibles than you thought humanly possible.

You know that all of your smoke detectors work.

Your Husband will not let you near the BBQ.

You can make 4 dozen cookies without a recipe in 1.5 hours flat and have them delivered asap.

You know that you always have a team of highly-trained EMS professionals at the ready (you know, in case a baby falls down the stairs or something).

You know that it is faster and waaaay better to take the ambulance to the hospital (NEVER go it solo, and actually WAIT in the waiting room).

Your single friends are always asking "are there any single firemen at Hubby's work?"

Your children can make good use of vacuum hoses and rubber gloves.

Everybody knows a Firefighter, and will assume that you know them too.

You find it hard to sleep when your Hubby is at work.

You get extremely angry when people don't pull over for firetrucks and ambulances.

You've held more birthdays at the fire station than should be allowed.

You get to listen to stories about fires, mva's and in my case, sprinkler systems.

You've seen Backdraft 40 million times and Ladder 49 10 million (but who can get sick of staring at Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta?).

You've had some of the best holiday meals at the fire station.

You've lost all sense of what a "weekend" really is due to your husband's crazy schedule.

Your husband gets to go on field trips & preschool once in a while.

All of the teachers want your husband to "demonstrate" his skills for the class (yeah, right she just wants to see him in his bunker gear).

You feel like the luckiest girl alive when he comes home off shift and sends your heart a-flutter.

*originally posted June, 2006, resurrected for all my firefighter wife friends - and the googlers, can't leave them out.


LindaJ said...

Bunker gear is HAWT!!

flutter said...

thank you for all that you and your family do for all of us out here.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Firemen are always hot, but what's up with the firewomen?? Sometimes they are kind of scary..

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a great list!

There's a difference between police and fire siren?!

You can have a birthday party at the fire station? Really? That's a great idea?!!!

I know a firefighter (I guess we do all know one, don't we?) and he's a friend and a neighbour... so maybe, just maybe I'll have to ask about the b-day party thing!


wyliekat said...

Like you, I think I wouldn't mind having a "house" full of starving men to feed every now and again. Speaks to my inner chef.

Thanks for reposting this!

Marie said...

oh, those are so true..

fire wife said...

ha ha, these are SO true! we've yet to have a birthday at home and i can't get my husband to wear anything but his work shirts! funny too about the field trips, a week ago i went with my daughter and another ff wife whose son is in my daughter's class and the teachers were all making comments about our husbands not realizing who we all were ilmao! the bunkers def are sexy! i've even learned to love that smoke smell when he comes home! it's stressful at times too, i go to school and have a 4 year old and a 12 month old and it can be hard!

autumn said...

I have been a fireman's wife for almost 3 years and i find some of the comments funny. being a wife of a fireman is not at all glamorous. they dont make a ton of money, and youre alone most days.. being that most fireman do not hold one or even sometimes 2 jobs... in my hubby's case, 3. however i do love it when he comes home in the morning smelling of smoke... ,mmmmm