Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Parent Confession Letter

Dear Esteemed 4th Grade Teacher at My Son's Elementary School,

Thank you for being an excellent teacher. My son is very happy in your class and, thanks to you, has tackled not only long division but also fractions! Things are going swimmingly!

We are especially proud of your encouragement this year towards helping develop his love of writing and story telling. We hope that all this positive reinforcement will sustain this obvious strength of his for the rest of his academic career, and hopefully life.

He has grown more confident as a 4th grader, and we definitely see him coming out of his shell a lot, which is a good thing.

It has come to my attention that your class has been spending a fair amount of time on social studies. Wyatt speaks highly of the things he is learning and the lively discussions you have had in class. I remember this subject being one of my favorites at his age, as I enjoyed learning about the real world all around me.

However, I feel that I must clear something up.

Last week, Wyatt came home from school and told me that he almost got into trouble in your class.

As you know, getting in trouble is something that never happens with him. You can imagine my shock.

When I asked him why, he simply said it was because he had mentioned the show Rock of Love in class and that you, his teacher, said that we do not discuss Rock of Love in class. Understandably.

Now, I want you to know this - I do not let Wyatt watch Rock of Love nor do I discuss it in front of him. My discussions on this, erm, program, are mostly done via email and Facebook with my friends who also do not want to speak aloud about the shows shenanigans in front of their children. And you probably know what kind of shenanigans I am talking about if you did not want him talking about it in school.

It was explained to me that the reason he brought this up was because you had asked the kids if any of their parents watched The Bachelor - which has, lately at least, become PG-13 itself in its, well, shenanigan content.

So, when Wyatt blurted out, "My mom watches Rock of Love," in your class, you must know that this was done on very little knowledge. And, I also do not watch this show very much at all...mostly because I can never remember when it is on.

(And I don't have DVR or Tivo.)

(But that is another subject entirely.)

Thanks again for all that you do! If you need any more hand sanitizer or Kleenex, you know who to call!


Wyatt's Rock of Love (but not really) watching mom


Jen said...

Ok, that is hilarious! I mean I do feel a little bad for you and sorry to be laughing at this because I know my time is coming. I can only imagine how many time my kids have told their teachers how much their mother is in love with Edward Cullen. :)

Kyla said...

You don't have DVR/TiVo? REALLY? I'd die. Or be divorced. One of the two, I'm sure.

Also? Hahaha! :)

LindaJ said...


Sunshine said...

The total and complete crap I watch is balanced out by hubby watching the History Channel and the Military Channel. This is our saving grace so that Child Services doesn't come and take the kids.

gorillabuns said...

i'd add that i balance my rock of love obsession with confessions of a teen heart throb.

Anonymous said...

What is "Rock of Love?"


Auds at Barking Mad said...

It's interesting the things our kids pick up from what we watch/read/do.

I didn't realize how much attention the Little Imp paid to things we do...not so much TV (but it's bad enough that I watch a lot of TLC/Discovery/Discovery Health around her!), but just in general until the hubby came home last week from a trip to the store with her and she recited back to him, his PIN for his VISA card he used to pay for groceries. Crap!

kristi said...

OMG...Rock of Love....skank city!! Too funny!

LuckyMe said...

The bachelor boobage factor is totally out of control. I posted about trying to watch it when my teenage sons were in the room. I'm sure it was like watching a car wreck for them. I tried to zip past the boobs. I love my DVR!

Every Day Goddess said...

Hilarious! The funny things kids always tell people.