Monday, December 22, 2008

Leave Them Open

I'm a sleep-with-the blinds-shut-as-tight-as-possible kind of girl, all year long.

I like my room dark as can be for sleeping and don't try to tell me otherwise. I don't even like the tiniest sliver of light to be coming through any haphazardly shut blind. Not even a sliver.

I've even been known to curse the full moon for being too bright in the middle of the night.

As if the moon has a choice in the matter.

But when it snows, oh when it snows, that turns my world upside-down.

Last week, with the expectation of flurries in the forecast, I found it hard to sleep. I anxiously crawled out of bed on the hour, all night long, to look out the window.

Had it started yet? Would we wake to an alien looking, white landscape?

I had to know.

As the hours pressed on, my excitement grew. By the time the snow was actually falling, it was all I could do not to curl up in a blanket on the couch and stare out the window until I lost myself to some much-needed sleep (those presents weren't going to wrap themselves and all that holiday preparation took energy).

I went to bed without closing my blinds, instead I lay facing the window, watching the snow fall in the light of the street lamp on the cul-de-sac behind us. The neighbor's apple trees, which have not seen a pruning for at least 4 years, were laden, thick, fat and covered with white. Their silhouette gently swaying in the breeze as the white fell from the sky.

The gusts of wind carried the snow, swirling it this way and that under the lone light. The moon was nowhere to be seen.

It was silent.

And so it was, and so it is.

We have been blanketed, insulated, draped in winter's beauty for nearly 10 days and for each of those nights, I've fallen asleep to the sight of the snow falling outside my bedroom window.

My husband reached to turn the wand to close the blinds, as he always does when he has the dubious honor of being the last one under the covers, and I said, "Leave them open tonight," I want to watch the snow.

And it fell and fell and fell some more.


Kimmylyn said...

I felt like I was seeing what you were seeing.. beautiful post Carrie..

Kimmylyn said...

I felt like I was seeing what you were seeing.. beautiful post Carrie..

Momisodes said...

Oh it is so amazing to see sometimes isn't it? So beautifully written :)

I know exactly what you're describing. the morning it's SO BRIGHT!

Anonymous said...

There is not much that is more beautiful... unless it is the words you chose, to explain it.




kirida said...

Awww, Carrie. I loved reading this post. I don't like bright lights because then everyone can see my humongous pores or know if I forgot one side of my face when I was putting on foundation.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Lovely sentiment. Though I am a bit dissapointed that my nephew is unable to get out of Portland to come home for Christmas.

wyliekat said...

It's standard here to be snowed under for xmas. But I'm happy that mother nature opted to put down a fresh coat before the actual day. It's pretty out there.

Leslie said...

Your children are adorable, love your blog, found you while blog-hopping. Happy Holidays!

Julienne said...

Oh I miss that sweet quietness that comes after the snowfall. Thank you for sharing that with me.