Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just When You Thought it was Safe to go to McDonald's

Okay, fine. It is never safe to go to McDonald's, but I was feeling reckless, still riding my Palm Springs high, and decided what the heck? Or, in the words of a late night cashier at the Palm Springs Rite Aid where I was amazed that you could (no, I did NOT) purchase vodka at 1:30 in the morning, "big whoop!"

[Some things are better left just being lived, and not written about.]

Anyway, after Katie's last rookie soccer game, she was jonesing for a Happy Meal. I, being still guilty of eating not one home-cooked meal myself in the past week, caved. As in, I gave in . . . big time.

Although I could not bring myself to order anything other than a cool, refreshing large Diet Coke, I had no problem requesting her chicken nugget happy meal with a chocolate milk, no sauce.

Bring on the disgusting.

Now this is the part where you hold your tongue people. I know McDonald's is evil. I know it isn't the healthiest choice possible for a meal. I know these things. That's why we don't go to McDonald's, or any other fast food place on a weekly basis. I am not going to check my children into the triple bypass for kids club willingly, that is why I try to provide nutritious food at every meal, even when I'm feeling a little more Pizza Hut and a lot less organic, free-range, grass-fed, pesticide and dye free.

Point is, we try our best. And once in a while, we treat ourselves. And sometimes, we mess up.

When I opened her bag and looked inside I nearly did have a heart attack though. Not from the french fries, oh no, from the toy. The toy. The this is one more reason why I should not be buying my child a happy meal containing a cheaply made and bad for the environment toy.

I requested the "girl" toy because I took one look at the Hot Wheels offering for the "boy" choice and I had to put my foot down. If one more small, metal, oh so fun to step on in the middle of the night while kissing cheeks, toy car makes it's way into my home, I will go crazy. Barbie has always been a safe choice.

Until now.

Um, I seem to have missed the memo, but apparently Barbie is now upping the ante on cornering the market currently occupied by Bratz dolls. Yes, that market, the I want to be a hooker when I grow up market, which is synonymous with the I want to be a stripper when I grow up market.

I'm really not sure what to do with this doll (if you can call it that). She is clearly unacceptable to pass along in the donation pile, as some innocent young girl might find her irresistible, and what with her lack of anything resembling a rear end, she is a horrible role model for any kid with body image issues. Seriously, she has no ass! You lift up her tight fitting dress and there is nothing, just . . . flat.

[I know because I watched my daughter investigate.]

I don't just want to put her in the trash because then she'd go to the landfill and then I'd feel guilty again, not just for feeding my daughter fast food, but now for contributing to global warming.

It is a no win situation here.

Dare I ask for thoughts on this conundrum I find myself in? Tread lightly.


Chris O said...

Welcome to the world of prostiTOTs (pun intended)

Bratz are cool, Barbie is lame.

These were the sounds I heard a few years ago at every birthday party that my little girl went to. Now she is 13 and still drags the damn things out to dress them up and be a little bit goofy. Did they scar her or shape her. I don't think so. She has a good self image and besides, even back years ago, she always would roll her eyes about things and say, "sheesh, it's not real, it's just a toy"

So was I a bad mom for allowing her to own these trashy looking dolls? According to who? Those anonymous folks we live in fear from? So no, I don't think I've been bad. No more so than my own parents were when Barbie came out. My dad was upset back in 1959 when my sister got her first Barbie and he thought it too sexy a doll for a 7 year old.

Now my daughter is 13, doesn't ask for dolls for gifts anymore. Doesn't ask to go to McDonalds anymore either.

But she has saved some of those Bratz unopened and hopes to cash in on them someday. She was going through some items in the attic and came across a New Kids On the Block doll in it's box that is from her sister's time years ago. She is already seeing dollar signs.

Cassie said...

I know you said you didn't want to, but I would probably just throw it away...

carrie said...

Chris O. - A NKOTB doll? Really? Wow, I would hang onto that one! :) Thanks for the reassurance that my daughter won't be scarred for life from that stupid doll. I've trained her to say "ewww" whenever she sees a Bratz doll, so we're good there!

It's so hard being a mom sometimes, you know - the WORRY! I totally appreciate your point though!

s said...

how about take it back to McDonalds?

Casey said...

I would chuck it, no need to have that skanky crap around your kids. Yuk. Hot Wheels all the way for my daughter.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow. I think people make too big of a deal about things. Let your kid play with it. I'm sure it's not going to make her want to turn into a ho!

Laurin said...

I think I'm a little desensitized on this issue because all of my daughter's Barbies stay in a basket together naked. She's almost 6 and I haven't heard the word Bratz mentioned yet, so I haven't had this dilemma.

Almost every physical or occupational therapy office keeps a treasure box they stock with kid's meal toys for rewards. You could take them there.

The Scott Family said...

Hold an auction on Ebay or Craigslist and donate the money to a women's charity. The catch? Write a really great ad for it, discussing how much you hate BRATZ and all they stand for...perhaps other moms will get wind of your ad (like all of us) and donate to the cause as well. :-)

Kimmylyn said...

Yeah.. I know all about the guilt of contributing to global warming..but if I forget to tell them no toy.. i normally steal it before my son sees it and then toss it..
I know bad mom..but we have enough junk that is for sure.. :)

Every Day Goddess said...

I am issue ridden about the McDonalds food also (my husband has taught the kids to call it Rotten Ronnies!). I was also bad and took Mariah this weekend while all the men were hunting. She took one look at the girl toy and threw it back in the box and chucked it with the garbage, she is not big on dolls anyways. Like Lauren above said, our barbies are all naked in a box that does not see the light of day.

I have decided that she is out growing the whole happy meal thing which is a whole other sad story! But at least I will feel less guilty about throwing away another useless toy!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, I will have to remember this so that we don't stop there anytime soon. I know you don't want to throw it, but that is what I usually do.

Feener said...

those bratz are plain scary, they are like those old time paintings we had of little dolls with hugh heads and eyes, like blythe dolls. freaky and abnormal. i have thought many times that you should be able to have the option of sending the toy to a needy child...b/c my girls don't need any more of those little junky crapz

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'd trash it--no, it's not going to turn her into a ho, but it does send you a message about what your values are.

creative-type dad said...

I hate that they make toys like that.

On our last (occasional) trip I just opted for the boy toy. She was happy playing with Batman who wasn't dressed like a Hooker.

Kyla said...

Not all Barbies are this way, but they've made a line to compete with the Bratz market which I HATE!

I say give it to your doggie for a little chewing practice. ;)

painted maypole said...

MQ got some barbies for her B-day, and since I just recently pulled my childhood barbie outs of the attic I was comparing them, and realized, as well, that barbies are getting hoochier

Grey Street said...

Give her back! Take her right back to McD's and drop her ass off.

jen said...

man, i wish you were spilling about your weekend!

ps. recycle it.

OHmommy said...

Not a big fan either. Send it to the trash... it isn't even worth recycling, LOL.

Jen said...

Keep her and use it as a stripper voodoo doll.

Luckily my daughter could care less about either of these toys. I don't think Webkinz will do much damage to her self esteem.