Sunday, September 07, 2008

Worth the Wait . . . I Promise

Remember back in August when Auds had the brilliant idea to have us join in a virtual dinner party to link to those bloggers who we love, adore and would love to break bread (or spaghetti, whatever your fancy) with? Yeah, that was a while back.

I promised her that I'd be thinking about my list, and I even scribbled a few names in my notebook, trying desperately to keep the list to the requested 10, and then threw a pile of mail on top and forgot all about it!

What, this kind of thing never happens to you?

Well, August would have been a horrible month to host a dinner party at my place anyway, unless you're a big fan of dinosaur chicken nuggets and juice boxes served up alongside the requisite Costco veggie tray (in which we always throw out the disgusting ranch dip it comes with and only use the dill one - it is mush tastier!). That is all we ate in August.

But now that September is here and I actually have more than 20 minutes to myself during the day, I can prepare and plan a feast worthy of the talented, beautiful, incredible and intelligent bloggers that I began this little adventure with, way back when.

If I had a dinner party, I would want to invite the ones who have been with me the longest, those who left me my first words of encouragement and those who I still look up to in this vast blogosphere of ours.

I would want to serve them the most delicious things I could (so, of course, I'd have to get this shin dig catered) and I'd want to lavish them with good company, a warm and tidy home and the best dang dinner party they'd ever been to! I'd want them to feel like they would never want to leave (so, of course, I'd keep my dog from licking them all to death - that goes for my children too, they'd have to be at the grandparent's for this party).

I'd hire the talented chef that did my mom's 60th birthday party last year, so that means we'd be well fed and our taste buds would be treated to a mexican feast. We'd eat so much pico de gallo, guacamole, grilled steak w/plantains and spicy mango sauce that we'd need to be lifted from our seats via forklift! Our cheeks would be flush from the sangria, and the margaritas (although I'd have mine with rum because tequila makes me crazy - it's not a pretty sight), and Pacifico. We'd top the whole meal off with mexican chocolate cake (which is the only thing that I would make, btw - I make a kick ass mexican chocolate cake) and drink coffee to keep ourselves awake so we could bask in each other's company for as long as possible . . .

[I love daydreaming.]

I know, I know - get to the list already!

Okay, fine:

Linda, from Why do These Kids Keep Calling Me Mom? She is my real-life BFF and we do almost everything together. She is the reason I started blogging in the first place, so I give her all the credit for me being here at all!

Kristin, from It's all Fun and Games (formerly Eva Las Vegas). Kristin is awesome. She left me my first comment and I've been in love with her ever since (in a totally friend kind of way - get your mind out of the gutter). We have kids the same ages and I can relate to a lot of her stories about her family. She is smart, kind and glamorous and I'd love to have her over for dinner!

Becky, from Becky's Blog. Becky has also been a blog buddy since I started blogging. She is married to a policeman and lives in Texas (of all places!) with their daughter Hannah. She is also PREGNANT! Woo-hoo Becky! No sangria for you!

Jennster, from Jennster's Blog. She always makes me laugh! She is also friends with Becky and takes the funniest BlogHer pictures I've ever seen. She was kind enough to share her wedding with everyone last year to her forever boyfriend "Point" and has an adorable son who loves baseball. She always speaks her mind and doesn't care what others think - I heart her for that.

Lisa, from Midwestern Mommy. Lisa has been around for just as long and I've enjoyed reading her writing over these past few years. You may remember that she thought she had cancer last month - but it turned out to be nothing! I have never been so happy for someone I have not met in real life . . .ever. Lisa always supports me when I'm going through a rough patch and I know she is an incredible friend to those who are lucky enough to know her. I wish she was my neighbor, then we could take revenge on that pesky neighbor dog of hers and pawn our kids off on one another when we get migraines.

Melanie, from Melanie in Orygun. OMG. Melanie is so smart and witty that I'd probably be afraid I'd say something entirely stupid in her presence, but I'd want her there anyway. She reminds me of a good friend of mine, and I've been reading her blog since the beginning of mine as well. She lives just below me, in Oregon (duh) and if I am ever passing through there, I'd love to stop and meet her and her lovely daughters.

Queen of the Mayhem (I don't even know her real name, yikes!). This southern teacher-mama makes me roll on the floor laughing whether she's sharing stories about Junior Mayhem or her husband (bless his heart! That's totally something she would say). She is sassy and hilarious and I think that she and I would get into a lot of trouble together . . . we are redheads, after all!

Kristie, from Slacker-Moms-R-Us. She knows Lisa! Funny how some of these ladies actually know one another in real life. I love reading about her life and the fun she has with her 4 kids. Did you see her video of the stair surfing? That was hilarious! She is an advocate for special needs children and tells the most heart felt stories about her life, the good the bad and the not so pretty. I can always count on Kristie to tell it like it is.

Annie, from Life is Short Partake in Happy Hour. Annie is the only exception to my rule of keeping this dinner party to my original blogger buddies. She is funny, kind, smart and we've been trying to put together a get together for, like, forever! She has the cutest little man on the planet and I just know our husbands would totally get along! I could not have any kind of dinner party and not invite Annie. It would be so wrong.

Marsha, from the famous Sweatpants Mom. Marsha gets to interview celebrities for magazines! Check out her latest interview with Dita Von Teese! She has beautiful, talented daughters that I plan to marry my sons off to - hope that's okay Marsha. She is a brilliant writer, funny and I just about died the first time she ever left me a comment.

Yes, that's 10 . . . but I'm not done!

Oh no, I have a guest of honor and better yet? I'm asking that guest to bring a guest! Shocking!

I could not have a dinner party with all of these lovely ladies without including the incredible Kevin, from (oh yes) Kevin Charnas. I probably found his blog via some witty comment he left at Kristin's, or Jennster's, or Melanie's, or Marsha's, or Kristie's, or Queen's. When I read his blog for the first time, I thought I'd discovered buried treasure. He is like an amped up and more brilliant David Sedaris! He cares about the world. His writing is often not for the easily offended, but when you get him, you get him. And I am so glad I do. Kevin and Will were recently married (legally! I have never cried so many tears of joy at a blog post than when he shared that with us) and I would love for them to join this party. So, Kevin, bring your hot self and your hot husband on over and have a glass of sangria, won't you? It just wouldn't be the same without you guys.

ps. Bring your outfits too, and that Jennifer Aniston wig - I wanna try it on!


OHmommy said...

What's a dinner party with someone crashing it?

I am so crashing THIS dinner party. You could not keep me away from the sangria and the margaritas.

Lecia said...

What a sweet and generous write up - can't wait to check out all these blogs! I'm relatively new to the blogosphere and am glad to get more of an idea of what's (who's) out there.


Ann(ie) said...

AWWWW!!! Girlie!!! I am so excited to be included and I'm also excited to check out these other fabulous bloggers. I do know and love the Queen and Miss Linda of course, but yay....NEW peeps that I can stalk. ;) hehe. Please pass on that I'm sorta normal will ya? Emphasis on the sorta. AND we totally need to get together for some skinny bitches!!! xoxoxo.

The Mrs. said...

You mean you serve veggies with your nuggets?!? Hmmm... I should right that down.....

Mel said...

You are seriously trying to make me snivel. Thanks!
But trust me here, *I* would be the one to say something stupid. (I am not a smart, witty person, but I play one on my blog. Heh.)

Kristin said...

It's the dinner party of my dreams!!!

You're the best, Carrie... thanks for the "invite"... don't be surprised if I show up one evening with a bottle of tequila!


Becky said...

omg this is one kick ass party! WOO HOO i'm glad i'm invited!

LindaJ said...

Mw and my little adoption blog are honored to be at this dinner table.

LindaJ said...

Dang I ment me

sweatpantsmom said...

Thank you Carrie! You're da bomb. I can't wait to come to the party. I'll bring some of those little cocktail wieners wrapped in crescent rolls that everyone pretends not to like but then scarfs down.

I would love to marry my daughters off to your sons. Can your boys clean, and cook and are they good at carrying around shopping bags? My girls are really high maintenance.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I would TOTALLY love to come to your party! How sweet of you to think of me!

I feel the same way about you! Finding cool people who make you feel like you are not alone is my favorite part of blogging!

OH...and it's Heather....BTW! :)

carrie said...

After all these years . . . I *finally* know your name! ;) My life is complete now!

You guys rock!

musing said...

Oh, fun! Off to discover some new blogs. :)

Amanda said...

Love these kind of posts.

jennster said...

this is going to be the best dinner party ever!!!!!!!!!!! i'm bringing dessert bitches!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I'm driving OHMOMMY to the scene of the CRASH!


(How have I never heard of some of these blogs??!)

Sandy C. said...

Holy guacamole! This sounds like quite a shin-dig! :)

I'll have to check out your guest list!

Kimmylyn said...

I am with OhMommy..I am sooo crashing this party!

Kevin Charnas said...

Hey, my friend...thank you. THANK YOU for such kind words...You brought tears to my eyes. And I needed to feel your kind heart.

Funny, I've been meaning to get over here and see if you posted any nudie pics of me like you said you were going to (damn it, you didn't!), and I must have been waiting until I REALLY needed to come over...'cause I did. And you hugged me nice and tight.

Thanks again, friend.


Kevin Charnas said...


We just need to pick out something skimpy to a belt and shoes.

BOOTS!...a belt and boots.

A TOOLBELT and boots. Okay, there we go. It's a little chilly, but it will do.