Thursday, June 19, 2008

Head Shots

As a little girl, I was constantly dodging the cameras of my Grandpa and my Dad. It seemed like those 35 MM were a permanent fixture on their bodies and if you don't believe me, take a look at my parents closets - where reel upon reel of slides are stored for our late night family slide shows. Watching slides on the giant screen in my parents living room until very late in the night is one of my most favorite things to do.

It isn't all that surprising that now my Dad and I are the shutterbugs - constantly found with our cameras hanging from our necks. I bring mine everywhere, despite the fact that even after a year I still don't have all it's bells and whistles figured out. And as much as I love being in the moment and not recording memories to share down the line in photos, I love having the option to snap them if I want to, no matter how silly.

Even better is the fact that I can take 200 pictures of the same thing, and only find one that I want to save. Aaaaaaah, the beauty of digital photography.

And I am not alone.

The lovely and talented Oh Mommy has come up with a fun photo challenge that is right up my alley! Not only do I love reading her stories, but her photographs are always beautiful, unique and touching (and some of them are even on greeting cards!).

I was so excited to see that she was hosting her first ever photo challenge, CCC#1 (Classy Chaos Challenge #1), in which she wants to see shots taken of the tops of heads . . . strange, since I accumulated at least three shots of this type over the past week on our adventures. So, here you go Oh Mommy, mine do have shadows, as they were taken late in the day, but I hope you find the beauty in them.

Katie, overlooking the creek in our hometown.

McRae, setting a spider crab free on Guemes Island.

The view from the back of my stroller.

Check out all the cool photo challenge participants over at Classy Chaos!


Tiaras & Tantrums said...

very cool!

Ann(ie) said...

That's a cute idea!! If I ever get through the 5,420 blogs I still have to read I might play. ;)

I'm loving your new look, girlie!!! Daaaaaaaaarling! And I just got caught up on Linda's blog. You are a rockstar of a friend. xoxo. Nicely done. Not many would have done that and I love that you did. You guys have the coolest friendship!!! Many never even find one that special.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I fear I will not be able to participate without a ladder. Everyone else in my house towers over me!

Adorable little tops-of-heads at your house though!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Oh yes--looooove your new header. I'm suddenly craving something sweet. Hmmmmm

Jessica said...

McRae's pic is great. Love the lengthening shadows. And his name. What a very cool name!

Erin said...

great pictures... I like the one from the back of the stroller. I wouldn't have thought of that, and that is where I spend most of my time:)

Lisa said...

Great pictures! My fav is the one of Katie looking over the side of the bridge.

Thanks for checking out my blog!!! Hopefully we'll "see" each other again!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Great shots for the challenge!!

Valarie said...

I am pretty sure, I have pictures for this challenge. :)

Kimmylyn said...

I love the pictures.. but I especially like the stroller pic.. I can't wait to do this challenge!! :)

Queen Telling said...

I just love the stroller picture. It is such a unique veiw!

Mamacita Tina said...

I love the backs of kids' heads. Especially those of bald or almost bald babies. Fun stuff, I may try.