Monday, May 26, 2008

Move Over Jim Gaffigan, Here Comes Wyatt

I can't remember the day that it all started, the day when his joke-telling began. Just like any other personality trait that becomes part of a person over time, I cannot remember a day having gone by when he wasn't telling jokes.

It seems he was born telling jokes.

Is that possible?

A baby pops (yeah, right, like that's how it happens!) from his mother's womb with a stool and a bottle of water ready to make the crowd laugh . . . but wait! Those bright lights aren't stage lights at all, guess I'll have to wait until I can actually speak before I begin telling all of my funnies.

This, I am sure of it, is what went on in the mind of Wyatt when he was just a few minutes old. This, and of course, "where's the beef?" Better yet, "where are the hot dogs?"

Anyway, today was no different than yesterday in the land of raising children, only the jokes were different.

Wyatt: Mom, what do you call a librarian with a boyfriend?

Mom: Um, I don't know, what?

Wyatt: Booked!

Mom: Booked?

Wyatt: Yeah, booked, get it?

I decide that now is not the time to point out the fact that booked sounds a lot like hooked, which is a word that my 3rd grader should not even know exists. I hope.

And then I remember a time long ago, a time when I was the older sister and my little brother would run around telling jokes . His favorite was this one:

Brother: Knock, knock!

Sister: Who's there?

Brother: Nobody.

Sister: Nobody who?

Brother: Nobody rainbow!

And then he'd fall on the ground clutching his belly, trying to keep his glasses from falling off his little face, laughing like a hyena.

And I would stand there, perfecting the eyeroll that I have now become so very good at.

And the cycle continues . . .


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

It is so fun to have a jokester!

flutter said...

Niece: Aunt Kiki, why did the chicken die?

flutter: why baby?

Niece: Boogers!!!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I have heard many a joke like this!

The Princess feels compelled to share EVERY agonizing detail of a show or book she finds the time she FINALLY gets to the punchline, I am too annoyed to see the humor....but like a good woman......I fake it! (hee-hee)

Jen said...

I don't get the knock knock joke, but I'm guessing I'm not supposed to. I actually like the "booked" joke. If he made that one up himself, I think he's got a career in comedy ahead of him. :)

Valarie said...

Oh boys and their jokes, you gotta love them. :o)

Abbreviated said...

I see a future "Last Comic Standing" !

Kristin said...

Jack is a huge joke teller... he makes them up and we're about 30 - 70 in the hit to miss ratio...

Storm said...

Remember that laughter keeps you young so you will always be young. :)

jennyonthespot said...

Oh heavens - you have to love these jokes! My goodness :)

Molo said...

You know I really don't think that anyone other than you and mom thinks that "Nobody Rainbow" story is funny.

painted maypole said...

we get lots of those kind of knock knock jokes around here, so I looked a bunch up online so I could tell real ones, although my favorite is still the one my dad made up at the zoo:

....who's there?


llama who?

llama llama ding dong