Monday, January 07, 2008

I Give Up

Tonight we sat, as we typically do when Daddy isn't working at the firestation, around the dinner table waiting for the kids to finish their meals.

Content with our bellies full and the stories of the kids first day back at school being told, I look at my husband and feel lucky. Not only is he the father of my children, he really is my partner. I could not ask for someone more intelligent, supportive or loving than him.

I sit at the dining room table and just stare at him.

"Okay boys, make sure all your homework is done after dinner," he says enthusiastically.

I think, "Hmmm, maybe he's going to pour me a hot bath, light some candles and put the kids to bed for me so I can relax in the tub reading my new book."

"Why Dad?" one of them asks.

"Because American Gladiators is on at eight, dude!" he answers.

I feel like a seventeen-year-old again, and not in a good way.

At least he lets me read his magazines,

Because if he didn't, I'd have absolutely nothing to do this evening (other than read my book).


jen said...

oh good lord. it's funny, isn't it. except it's sorta not.

LindaJ said...

Sorry for your loss, if it makes you feel any better it's football playoff season...nuf said.
At least you had a mag with Kelly Slater on the cover, he's kinda hot.
We should have met up at Target.

Alexandra's World said...

That's hilarious!!!

Becky said...

haha that is awesome

carrie said...

I can't be going to Target -- unless I NEED something! :)

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Haha! Why is it that our men, as wonderful as they can be, can be so unromantic sometimes!? Hey, at least it was for American Gladiators and not some porno! :)

Jane, Pinks & Blues

Ann(ie) said...

hehe. He would so get along with my husband. Who announced the same thing.

Gen said...

Oh yeah...just when you start to get your hopes up it never really is what you think.

Been there, sadly, too many times to count *sigh*

Lisa said...

Ahahahaha. That's funny.

But dude, I'm impressed that your husband eats with you and the kids. My husband rarely eats with Seth and me. He works late if he's in town. And when he gets home, he sits on the couch watching tv and messes with his computer the entire night! So I'm totally envious of the fact that your hubby is eating with and interacting with your kids.

Anonymous said...

Carrie--I laughed out loud. I know Brett is a wonderful husband and father. But I saw part of American Gladiators last night and what?????

Love, Aunt Joan