Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"You're the Coach"

Katie has always been a runner.

She didn't walk a step until she was 15 months old, but quickly after she got her footing in the walking department, she began to run.

And run, and run, and run, she did.

Our house has a "circle" or a "loop" that connects our entry-way to our living room to our dining room to our kitchen and hallway, creating a perfect course for jogging - or so thinks our daughter.

Just about every night, during the hours following dinner, if she isn't dancing in the kitchen with me while I do dishes, Katie is running lap upon lap upon lap on her "track". Almost every single night.

Brett and I look at each other in amazement. You see, there are no runners to speak of on either side of our family. In fact, my philosophy has and always will be, don't run unless you are being chased. That's just how it is.

So for Katie to have been born with this running gene perplexes us to the ends of the earth.

Last week, for part of her birthday celebrations, Katie and I met our girly friends for a night at Disney's Princesses on Ice. Not wanting to deal with finding a parking spot and then jockeying for position with other cars to actually get it, I opted to park a little further away from the venue than I would have liked. It wasn't that far, but it was a little hike.

When the show was over, I was dreading having to walk back to the car, carrying a tired 4-year-old. Besides, I had to walk up the stairs from the floor seats - in heeled boots, carrying a 35-pounder- to take her to the bathroom so many times, my thighs were already feeling like I'd climbed 47 flights on a stairmaster.

Once the light turned on the crosswalk signal, she was off!

Imagine Katie, wearing a pink Sleeping Beauty Princess dress with three layers of tulle over her new fuzzy pink winter boots, blonde hair trailing down her back, clutching a brand-new Tinker Bell spinny toy, running full speed down a city sidewalk.

People stared.

They giggled and laughed.

Some waved to her from their car windows.

I walked alongside her briskly, and held tight to her hand.

"Are you getting tired honey? Do you want me to hold you?" I asked.

"Nope," she answered, "you're the coach."

"Okay," I said, sensing what would come next, so I went ahead and played along, "on your mark, get set, go!"

And she ran the whole way to the car.

October, 2006 - Running


Ann(ie) said...

Kay. Here's the plan: If I'm ever crazy enough to do the breast cancer three day again your cute girl is gonna be my sidekick!

Kellan said...

"You're the coach" - so darling. I just love that she is your little 4 year old daughter and she has you! I loved that she made other people happy by just seeing her running along, enjoying life!! It makes me so happy that she's an American little girl that has such a happy, Disney life - you know? What a great story. It's 1:18 here, I'm still up (working on PTA stuff) and I'm glad I came over to read your story. I loved it. See you soon.

jen said...

isn't it amazing, the things they possess?

Becky said...

she can totally run track at the olympics!

flutter said...

She is just the sweetest

Kyla said...

Love that photo!!

painted maypole said...

excellent! :) way to go, coach!

mom said...

Now, just waitaminit!

When YOU were 2-3, you used to "streak" around with your yellow footed pj's trailing behind you like a cape. You would put just your arms in... and run.

Just ask Grandma Carol. She will back me up.

Go, baby, go.

Cathy said...

Fantastic photo! I wonder, could she be MY coach? I need some prompting to get my butt of the couch.

Kellan said...

Hey Carrie - Thank you for the nice Anniversary wishes - see you soon.

Alexandra's World said...

Cute! Like Forrest Gump! :)

An Ordinary Mom said...


Family Adventure said...

That picture is precious!

Love the energy. Enjoy it :)