Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pack of Wild Dogs

The glaringly obvious lesson I've learned in the last 24 hours is that these three boys, all of whom have had their diapers changed by me, are the loudest creatures on the planet, hands down.

What had begun as a diversionary tactic to keep my 2 from bickering and to entertain my favorite little buddy, Braydon, has turned into a reason to buy earplugs -- by the case. Do you think I can find them at Costco?

As I compose this post (read: lock myself in my bedroom with my laptop with the music channel turned all the way up in an effort to avoid hearing them), they are shouting mercilessly at the Gamecube.

Four words for them.

It. Can't. Hear. You.

Like little NFL-groupies (football watching men) in training, they yell, shout, scream, holla and screech at the game. And I'm only letting them play it on this sunny day so that I can take a shower without worrying about them throwing balls over the fence, falling off the waterslide or shooting each other in the eye with a Nerf product.

They truly bring a whole new dimension to the term "loud children" and if anyone wants to go head to head with me on this one, bring it.

It's not that I mind the noise, because really, I don't. But I worry that my neighbors do. Thank god most of them work during the daylight hours which in turn, protects them from the majority of the boys loudness. And I cannot be held responsible for the others who do not let their kids play outside (what is up with that?). But to them, I must apologize for last night.

Last night, the boys "tented" it again. You would have thought I learned my lesson last time we attempted this. But then again, I am not known for my "thinking skillz".

Bravely, 2 out of 3 lasted ALL night. So, you see, we are making headway here. But before the eyelids finally fluttered shut, there was MUCH discussion. Discussion about the "boy stuff", which I will not venture to explain as the subject matter may offend, and I don't want to do that. Nevertheless, they have not mastered the art of whispering. Because the tent was positioned in the corner of our yard (with audible access to THREE neighbors), I am sure they all got an ear full.

I have a feeling that a frenzy of cookie-baking will occupy the evening hours in a feeble attempt to woo those neighbors.

Heck, the boys are worth it, even if they could blow the top off a circus tent with their voices (their "inside" voices).


min said...

Way to go mom! Tenting it is the ultimate summertime thrill. My teens still like to do that!
As for the GameCube not being able to hear them...I think maybe it can, if they yell loud enough. I know this because my kids do it too.

jen said...

knowing they are so ridiculously happy must be so rewarding. deafening, perhaps, but rewarding.

Ann(ie) said...

awww. You're a good mama and a good neighbor!!! If any of the neighbors get on your case, call me. I'll come take care of em...I'm on a roll. =P


Christina_the_wench said...


*yells at the girls to tone it down*

I can relate. OH I can relate.

Can I get some of those cookies?

Rebecca said...

Ahh... the GameCube.

These three boys are only doing their civic duty: preparing themselves to be the ultimate Gamer in attempts to woo future loves.

Absolutely Bananas said...

It. Can't. Hear. You. LOVE THAT! That could apply to some guys watching football that I know! Great post.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

We are not to the tenting age yet.....but I do feel your pain about loudness. It would seem that the only time Junior Mayhem is NOT running his mouth (LOUDLY) is when he is asleep...or, of course, when I want him to explain himself!

I will tell you that my experiences allowing The Princess to have slumber parties has led me to believe that girls can be just as loud...and giggly! :)

Becky said...

aww they're such boys arent they? lol cute pic

Stay at home dad said...

The more I see of boys the less I can understand how I used to be one ...

alice c said...

It's just a phase...and although you may not feel like it you are still in control! Enjoy it while it lasts. (This is the mother of a 17 year old boy speaking here!)
And let me tell you that I would rather take out a group of teenage boys than a group of teenage girls. The last time that I took out my daughter and her friends I thought that we were going to get thrown out of the restaurant whereas we were complimented on the behaviour of the boys at the same age! have all your problems ahead of you...please don't ban me from your blog - I'm only trying to help!!

carrie said...


Thank you for the advice. I can totally see the girls being more drama than the boys in the teenage years . . . it's the "now" that is wearing me thin!

This too shall pass, right?

Ban you from my blog? No way. :)


Mamacita Tina said...

Crack me up, the way people yell at their tvs/computers/etc. Mostly men/boys, but I have seen some women do it also.

As I've told my neighbors, I'll forget such things from them, if they'll forget such things from me. Does that make sense?