Friday, August 31, 2007

An Ode to the Googlers

Oh Google, oh google
How I love thee,
To find what I need
Or what is questioning me.

But Google, oh google
You've gone too far
When your users come here
Looking for a cigar!

Some recent searches that brought visitors here a la Google which inspired this post are:

Easter Bunny M*th - I know we live near Granite Falls (aka former meth capitol of the world, and the town who blames the Oprah show for their slow home sales after their meth report), but come on, you aren't going to find that here!

Wiggles Groupies - I know, this is of my own doing. But, I still think they aren't as bad as Barney. Choose your battles people. Choose your battles.

BandAid Tanline - Ummmm, never had that problem. I'd take any tanline I could get though!

Are You Socially Challenged? - Are you?

What Happens if my 6 Year Old Boy Accidentally Swallows his Baby Tooth? - Do you really want me to tell you what happens, or do you think you could figure this one out on your own?

Boys Barber Clippers - Okay.

Too Young to be a Grandma Shower - I'm too young to be a grandma too!

Child's Fear of Public Bathrooms - Honey, I'm afraid too. Especially with that Senator from Idaho running free!

They Say the Third Time is the Charm - Yes, they do. And they're lying! Don't let them fool you!

and my personal favorite:

Lovely D**pered L*dies - I don't even want to know.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I loves me some google all time favorite for my site is "Southern Belle Blogspot Big Ass Butt" LOL!

Oh, The Joys said...

Easter Bunny meth is very odd!!

jen said...

I love easter bunny meth. i eat it while wearing my diapers looking oh so lovely.

LindaJ said...

Honey you are the wrong gender for the Senetor. A for the Easter Bunny meth..Hey, the guy is busy...he's gotta make it all those houses and hide all those eggs some how...Always living in Santa's shadow isn't easy.

Kyla said...

Oh Google, always good for a laugh.

painted maypole said...

google searches are weird, aren't they? who are these people, I always wonder, and why are they searching for "wet babysitter knees" (that was my weirdest one!)

Jenn said...

Easter Bunny Meth.

That's a referral you don't get everyday.

At least, I hope you don't.

Mamacita Tina said...

That last one, too funny!

Tabba said...

gotta love the google searches.

they certainly keep us on our toes, eh?