Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, long, long ago in the suburbs, there lived a girl of sixteen. She had glorious Aquanet mall hair and Guess jeans (the kind with the zippers) and despite her small size, she would be mortified if her Generra sweatshirt did not cover her behind. Mortified. She loved her Keds (without the shoelaces) and Depeche Mode and she kept herself busy working at a local teen dance club and trying not to giggle every time a boy talked to her.

She wasted her school days daydreaming and trying not to fail geometry. She passed notes to her friends and snickered with them in a large group that nearly took up the entire hallway of the high school. If there was a class in socializing, she would've received an "A++++", like, fer sure.

One day, in French class (and this one time, at band camp . . .) one of her classmates, a boy of seventeen, a skater and a leather-jacket wearing hoodlum, stood up in front of the entire class and asked her out on a date.

Her reply?


She was puzzled as to why he would even ask her out in the first place. I mean, come on, everyone knew that she had a very busy weekend schedule (working at the dance club) and she'd need at least 2-3 weeks advance notice to even consider doing something else! But she had been eyeing him since she'd had her braces removed a few months ago and he was the first one at school to notice.

"Hey, you got your braces off. Your teeth look nice."

And she was somewhat attracted (do 16-year-olds even really know what this means?) to his "bad boy" image. He was super confident, didn't "conform" like she did and the year before he had multi-colored hair. But there was something else too, something she sensed, something she thought maybe she should explore . . .

So she wrote him a note during her lunch period, with 3 of her friends helping, and handed it to him as he and his entourage sauntered in the building when the bell rang (reminding us to all get our butts to class). She had crafted each word very carefully, so as not to seem too desperate, but to let him know that she was interested in "going out" with him. She left the ball in his court. And, he brushed her off.

Fine, she thought. Boys are stupid, she told herself.

The school year ended and summer began. The skater boy worked at a drive-in that served greasy burgers and milkshakes, the girl hung out with her friends and occasionally visited him at the drive-in, only to flaunt what he was missing in his face (whatever!). Eventually, as the end of summer neared, she grew weary of playing this silly game and she went to visit him one last time. She gave him her phone number - and casually said "give me a call, you know, if you want to". Off she went.

And then, there was the note on her door when she returned from shopping with a friend. It read: Brett called, he'll call back later.

Eighteen years ago today, that boy and that girl went on a date. They saw the movie "The Abyss". She was wearing a black v-neck shirt from The Gap with little white flowers all over it, and her favorite pair of jeans. He had on a white t-shirt and a pair of Levi's with Chuck Taylor's on his feet. They sat in the middle of the dark theater and, just like in the movies, he flung his arm over her shoulders like he'd done it a thousand times before. But that's it. No kiss. No hand holding.

That would come later.

The rest, they say, is history.

Happy Anniversary of our first date honey, 18 years ago . . . man, we're old!


LindaJ said...

And they live happily ever after...with honesty, trust, love, friendship, support, and with the same spark that began the story.

Congrats on your's to many more!!

Mamacita Tina said...

Wow, you have an awesome memory remembering so many details! I can't even remember what I wore yesterday.

Congrats on your 18 years of happiness together, whoo-hoo! Wonderful.

Oh, The Joys said...

That is so sweet!

Tabba said...

what a cool post.

Happy Anniversary!

Ann(ie) said...

OMG. How cute are you two!!! You've been together that long???? wow. I'm especially impressed b/c I'm on my second marriage and the second one just surpassed the length of the first one and I danced around a little. =)

Your reference to Generra, Keds, Guess....blast from the past! THAT.WAS.ME!!!!

xo. Happy weekend and happy 18 years!

jen said...

oh. you two look so good. happy.

suited. you've won that long haul and you look shinier still.

happiest riches to you.

Becky said...

awww how awesome! i still remember me and matts first date and the actual day it was on! its so special to me too:)

Lisa said...

Awww. I LOVE that. Congrats and happy anniversary.

mk said...

that is so much fun! I love it! Happy anniv!!!

creative-type dad said...

nice story!

Generra - lol! I use to have a hypercolor...remember those?

mom said...

Loverly memory... oh, and your MOM, who worked at the high school at the time... put out her feelers. What did she hear? " He is every Mother's dream"... this from the French teacher... I slept better after that. But I kept an eye on him as long as I was there at the school.

He won me over, too. Especially when he brought ME flowers on Mother's Day. We love you, BB!

ps... now, 18 years later, we BOTH are on the faculty of our local community college... but that's a different story...

Left Coast Sister said...

Aw... I'm quite impressed with your memory!! (And, of course, the fact that he didn't mess up the part where he yawns and puts his arm around you at the theatre!) congratulations! 18 yrs doesn't seem so long ago now, does it?!

Fog City Mommy said...

wow. me so jealous.

alice c said...

The happiness that you share will also be a wonderful gift to your children when they reflect on their childhood as adults. A happy marriage is very, very precious and they will have the best of examples to follow.