Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I've seen those cars on the highway, the ones with the kids in the back seats, eyes shut, streams of drool hanging from their bottom lips and the happy parents grooving to some of their "own" music in the front as they head on down the road.

I will never have a car like that.

My kids don't sleep in the car (unless heavily medicated).

My kids aren't entertained by a tiny little DVD player either (we lent it to some friends).

My kids make obnoxious noises with their Gameboys and then get them confiscated (whoever invented that DS game that requires "blowing" on the screen - actual blowing by young children involves overspray - is insane, or stupid, or clearly not the parent of a boy).

My kids shriek if we turn up the volume the tiniest bit when it's a song that the grown-ups enjoy in order to mask the sounds of their voices (it's not like we make them listen to ABBA or anything, sheesh!).

My kids, while seeing some of the most extraordinary views in the world, just want to see the hotel (imagine their surprise when the hotel turned out to be an authentic log cabin, complete with log cabin scent, plumbing and lumpy mattresses!).

But . . . in spite of all their high-maintenance ways, I wouldn't trade them for the world. For all the bickering, complaining, car-sickness and "mommy I need to go potty" (for the 33rd time), all the goofy faces, the silly noises and the "mommy, hold my hand" requests, they are pretty great kids.

Even if they get on my nerves.

I was all for staying here, at the "Hobo Inn", but when I mentioned it to Wyatt, he said "if that's the hotel, I'm sleeping in the car". What kind of kid am I raising? Who the heck wouldn't want to sleep in a train car? I must spend the rest of the summer showing him the finer things in life, like roughing it.

Aren't old, run-down trains cool? We think so.

But not as cool as free telescope machines . . .

In Paradise. No, really, it's called "Paradise".

Which is enjoyed best on the shoulders of your Daddy.

The view takes your breath away. Or maybe it's the altitude? Either way - gorgeous!

Roughing it, for real. Wyatt was probably dreaming of that train car farther down the mountain when the whole place lost power in the morning!

The kids and their cousins and the giant piece of tree.

One of the moments that makes it all worthwhile.


Tabba said...

I loved everything about this post.

jen said...

oh, you guys are so lovely. YOU are beautiful. and what a gorgeous post, your love for them and your happiness with the trip shines through so brightly.

so glad you had a good time.

mom said...

Perfect! Can't wait for details..I think the grands were just the right age to visit the mountain...can't believe it actually showed itself to you through all those clouds in the lowlands. I'm jealous.

Where's that cabin?

Mamacita Tina said...

A fabulous trip indeed! Ian would love to stay in a train. Oh that scenery is gorgeous.

Rock the Cradle said...

The Imling loves the picture of the


That's "the daisy".

I think she senses a kindred spirit.

I'd have slept in that train in a heartbeat as a child. Maybe even as an adult. If a good mattress was involved.

kim said...

ohhhh that last one there, isnt she a cutie pie..
beautiful family :) i love the old trains and cabin how fun!

Slackermommy said...

What a lovely post! My kids totally get on my nerves but I wouldn't change any of it. Those mountains are breathtaking.

Ann(ie) said...

What a cool spot!! I must go there. And I adore the family pic as well as the one at the bottom with the flower....TOO CUTE!

Kevin Hulten said...

Like the blog! Wish I could get this much comment participation on mine!

Kate said...

Carrie - thanks for popping by my blog!

I just love this post - and love love love the gorgeous mountain view! How divine. Also could NOT believe that Wyatt would not sleep in the train - you must get them to rough it three would have jumped at the chance!


Becky said...

oh wow that was gorgeous scenery! love the pics. and btw, hannah always passes out in the car LOL. maybe when she has a sibling she wont?

Stay at home dad said...

That's a hunk of tree alright... What nice times. And you have nicer ahead too I'm sure.

Thirty-One Trendy said...

You're pictures are gorgeous!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I came over from Creative Dad and wanted to make two comments. First, I loved Charles In Charge too... and Second, I agree that Wyatt is loooooney. ;) Sleeping in those trains looks like a BLAST!

Left Coast Sister said...

Lovely mountain, that!
The cabins looked sweet too... as did the kiddos!

mk said...

oh what I have to look foward to in the car!

The family pic is greta and the view! wow!

Oh, The Joys said...

Wow. It is gorgeous where you are.
My kids don't really sleep in the car - or anywhere.

dottycookie said...

That was so lovely to read - sounds like a wonderful trip.

Oh, and I do make my children listen to Abba in the car. And I sing along, which is probably worse!