Monday, July 30, 2007

Abuse of Chocolate

Just a little while ago, as I was puttering around the house dusting this and that, I heard the tail-end of our local news.

You know it is a slow news day when the reporters are "informing" us, the public, on practices such as combining the purchasing of toilet paper with manicures, facials and shopping for evening gowns. Apparently the trend of one-stop-shopping is becoming larger than anticipated by the marketing geniuses behind it.

That story transitioned into a piece about the massages that are being offered up in Brazil today, their "Valentine's Day".

A chocolate massage.

Yup, you lay on a typical spa-style massage table, draped with a piece of fabric no bigger than a napkin while relaxing music flows through the speakers and the sounds of trickling . . . . chocolate lull you into oblivion.

Right beside the massage table is a chocolate fountain.

The masseuse merely dips her hands into the chocolaty goodness and then, slathers it all over your body.

Now, I am all for a good massage.

But, I think I'd rather eat my chocolate.

I know, I know. It's antioxidant properties could do wonders for my skin, but still - is it just me, or does that just seem wrong?


Lisa said...

I'd rather eat my chocolate too. And if I got a massage like that, I'd be licking it off of my own arms and legs. (I'd sprain my neck trying to lick it off of my own back. heehee.)

Rock the Cradle said...

Apparently it's only bad if you don't EAT it at the same time.

My sister had a chocolate pedicure at a spa in NYC and gets this glassy look in her eye when she talks about it.

Left Coast Sister said...

Yick. The smell would be nice, though.

Anonymous said...

Not to sound like a sicko, but I'd totally lick myself too.

In the Trenches of Mommyhood said...

What a waste! I'd have a hard time keeping my tongue in my mouth, that's for sure!

LindaJ said...

I'm not sure if I should be turned on or hungry....sounds like a bad Cinimax (Cinaporn) movie.

alice c said...

Ew...I'm sorry but that is gross.

Chocolate does good from the inside out.

dottycookie said...

That appeals to me ... not even a tiny little bit actually. And I LOVE chocolate.

Now, chocolate scented body cream and soap and stuff, I do like; and chocolate cosmos flowers - yum. But real chocolate on your back? Ick.

An Ordinary Mom said...

I will take my chocolate and massage separate, please!