Friday, June 08, 2007

You Know You're a Firefighter's Wife, Part 2

You know you’re a firefighter’s wife if:

Your kids would rather play with the garden hose than the expensive water slide you bought them to cool off with this summer.

Your husband’s cell phone rings more often than yours.

The only new additions to your husband’s wardrobe in the last year are from EMS and/or ARFF conferences.

“Great Balls of Fire” has become your theme song.

You can read military time, and so can your kids.

You have to beat women away with wooden spoons who think they’ve got a “safety question” for your man.

Every boy-child you know wants to visit your children’s daddy at work.

Every teacher wants your husband to come and give a “demonstration” for her class.

You teared up watching the firefighter father of six on American Inventor give his speech about the tree-top device he invented to prevent Christmas Tree fires (and you don’t’ even watch trash shows like that . . . it just happened to be on . . . your husband was watching it).

You know how to make a spaghetti dinner for 8, in 30 minutes.

You’ve played more games of “how long does it take to get your gear on” than anyone will ever know.

Your kids enjoy tobasco sauce more than any child their age should.

You find patches from fire departments near and far in strange places, like your panty drawer.

You cry when you see picture of the old time firemen and their ancient equipment in your local museum while accompanying 2nd graders on their field trip – and they all look at you like you’ve lost your mind because, come on lady, those are cool fire trucks, what are you crying at?

You love that your husband has his dream job.

You love that there is a long lineage of firemen in your past.

You have a feeling that there will be more in your future.

Your husband is always the one manning the b-b-q at picnics and get-togethers.

Yet you cringe every morning, when he kisses you goodbye in your half-asleep state, that he won’t come home after his shift.

You fear.

You fear the big one.

You fear what he has trained, and trained and practiced for time and time again.

That he will be called upon to do his job, and I don’t mean teaching CPR.

But you must believe that all is well.

You must believe for the sakes of those three sleeping babes who haven't a clue that their daddy is leaving for work in the wee small hours of the morning.

It is your job.

And you must do it.

But god, it is hard sometimes.


Tabba said...

This made me chuckle. And I desperately needed to laugh today.

The job they do is amazing.
These men are amazing.

And their wives and families are amazing.

Please know that I thank them for what they do from the very deepest parts of my heart.

jen said...

oh, hey, can you husband come and do a safety training at my house?

god, firefighters. sigh.


Seattle Mamacita said...

funny stuff but really a woman and especially this teacher really does love a man in uniform...

yerdoingitwrong said...

Good post, girl. Funny and true! They are such extreme heroes and thank god we have them, but I'd be worried, too if it were my hubby. That is truly aweseome he's living his dream, though!

We call them hot pockets at my workplace and everytime there's a fire drill or something we still hope to get a view of the hotness in the way of the cuties that jump out of the firetruck to save the day!!!

Rebecca said...

It's really something when someone's dream is a job that helps others at their own risk.

Your kids are lucky to grow up with such a selfless father, and a mother so supportive.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I really enjoyed this post!

I have all the respect in the world for people in his line of work. People like that are so woefully underpaid!

Left Coast Sister said...

Aw, carrie. The first part was funny, but ya make me get all teary eyed, because I'm RIGHT WITH YOU. This morning was our 6 am have-a-good-shift mumble and I'm glad I'm not the only one who spends some time pushing thoughts away.
BTW, I'm trying to get rid of a few navy blue Tshirts... want some?? (;

Lisa said...

I have a friends who's hubby is a firefighter. Every year Halloween the kids are dressed as firefighters. ANd every Christmas there's the family photo on top of the firetruck. heehee.

I don't know how you firefighter wives do it. Every day I watch my husband drive to work and worry for his safety. And he's got a desk job. So I'd be a nutcase if he were a fireman.

Jenny said...

You're married to a hero.

(A hot hero...bonus!)

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Thisis awesome....I loved reading it...a lot to be so proud of....

Oh, The Joys said...

Bow Chicka! (A very close second to the National Park Ranger is the Fireman!)

kim said...

you must be so proud and scared and so tough ... i dont know how you do it...
thank God for men like your husband.. there arent enough words *hugs*

creative-type dad said...

That's one tough job..

Stay at home dad said...

I don't think I respect anyone more than firemen... apart from stay at home dads of course.

That doesn't help you in the early hours though. Well done you too.

Anonymous said...

I am a new fire wife, and I am terrified for his life. I know about the 6 am have a safe shift mumble, the look up everytime you hear sirens. I cant wait for the day we have kids and they can see they hero that their dad is.

I love my fireman. he is my true hero

Anonymous said...

Thank you.